Building a Strong Foundation Together

Normandy Insurance Company is committed to delivering excellence to both agents and policyholders through:

  • Strong agent partnerships
  • Financial strength including A-Rated Reinsurance
  • Proactive loss prevention programs
  • Exceptional customer service with a personal touch
  • Accessible Underwriting
  • Unique association and wholesale programs
  • Most classes of business considered

Through the strength of its collective knowledge and experience, vision to succeed and commitment to its agents and policyholders, Normandy Insurance leads the way in providing high-quality services to all clients.

The Vision to Succeed

Normandy Insurance Company understands the unique needs of small businesses in Florida. We understand the special challenges they face, the dedicated attention they need and all they have to do just to keep their businesses running. We also know that because they are “small” businesses, many of the big names in the industry pass them by. But not Normandy Insurance. We too are the “small” guy and together with our agents and policyholders we work tirelessly to help businesses slay needless workers’ compensation costs and protect employees from avoidable workplace accidents.

As a full service provider of integrated insurance services, Normandy Insurance provides the overall lowest cost workers’ compensation programs for Florida-based companies. With experienced consultants who know workers’ compensation and the Florida business environment first hand, Normandy Insurance develops innovative and customized solutions and delivers them with the personal touch needed.

The Commitment to Managing Risk

Normandy Insurance understands an effective workers’ compensation program must include a strong, proactive focus on safety and loss prevention and an on-going interest in making the workplace safe and accident-free.

The Normandy Insurance Loss Prevention Team, comprised of Florida-licensed risk managers and OSHA-certified consultants, recognizes the occupational hazards of different industries and uses this experience to create and monitor customized safety programs based on an organization’s size and unique needs. That’s why Normandy Insurance develops effective programs that promote safety, maximize productivity and lower costs. We know keeping risk to a minimum helps keeps a company successful.

The Knowledge to Control Costs

At Normandy Insurance Company, cost-effective, professional claims management is the goal. Claims  representatives guide staff through each step of the claims process to make sure they focus on the important details needed to handle claims timely and efficiently.

Experience has shown that injured employees who feel their employer has forgotten about them are more likely to seek legal counsel. It is also proven that the involvement of legal counsel in a claim always leads to increased costs. To combat this, Normandy Insurance works with the employer and injured worker to…

  • Maintain continuous, positive communication between the injured employee, medical providers and the employer
  • Ensure the injured employee never feels forgotten
  • Help injured employees return to work as soon as they are able

Because the majority of a claim’s cost is related to the medical expenses, all claims are thoroughly evaluated by a claims management team. A timely and appropriate treatment program is created to ensure injured employees receive appropriate, cost-effective care and that fewer dollars are spent on hiring and training permanent or temporary replacements for injured workers.