Supplemental Applications

Additional questionnaires for specific industries

Occasionally an underwriter needs more information to properly evaluate a particular type of business. We don't always ask for supplemental applications, but if you're working with one of the industries listed below, we may. By providing us with a complete submission including a supplemental application, we can send you a competitive quote as quickly as possible.

Contractor - Download supplemental application

We write Artisan Contractors, and a few other construction businesses, but not all of the them. Fill out the supplemental so we know exactly what your client scope of work includes.

Freight Forwarders - Download supplemental application

We are the number 1 carrier for Freight Forwarders in Florida! This supplemental is required if there is more than a warehouse exposure.

Janitorial - Download supplemental application

Commercial cleaning is another business we write frequently. Complete this supplemental to make sure they're doing the jobs we can insure.

Lawn Maintenance/Landscaping - Download supplemental application

Companies that do landscaping vary from mow and blow, to snow blowing. Every state has different exposures, that's why we may ask for the supplemental for landscapers.

Security Guards - Download supplemental application

We write a select group of security guards including unarmed operations. Complete this supplemental so we can see if we can insure your client.