Report Claims App

Our new Claims Reporting app makes reporting claims easy.

Reporting claims is easier than before with our straightforward, simple to navigate app.

We've streamlined the question fields to only ask you what's truly important so you don't waste any time or have to track down obscure details. Of course, if you have additional information, you can definitely enter it to help us expedite the initial claim processing time.

Download our free apps now to your iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

Other great benefits include:

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Workers' Comp App

Other ways to report a claim

Report an Injury Call

Call the 24 hour hotline
Dial 833-968-7642. We have trained personnel standing by around the clock to help you navigate an injury and record your claim.

Report an Injury Fax

Fax a completed report
Fax it to 833-770-1220. If it's easier for you to scan and fax the completed report, it's good with us too.

Report an Injury Email

Email a completed report
Email it to Whether you've filled it out by hand or via Adobe, if you have a completed report, email it to us.

Need to download the proper form for your state? Find your form by selecting your state here.

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