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Reporting an injury right away can help minimize your losses, get workers treated properly and back to work faster.

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Oops! An Injury Happens

Even with the best safety plans and proper work gear, accidents happen. Employees trip and fall, machinery malfunctions and people get hurt. Every injury, from a minor strain to a concussion should be treated properly and reported.

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In event of an emergency, dial 911 immediately. For all other injuries, send the
injured worker to the nearest urgent care facility or panel physician
provided by Normandy
, depending on state regulations.

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Timely reporting is essential for proper claim management. We have an entire team that will work to get your injured employee the right care. We can refer them to the right doctors for their type of injury and make sure they are taken care of.

Did you know?

Strains and Sprains is the most commonly reported workers' comp injury.

Report an Injury

5 way to report a claim to Normandy's Claims Department. You get to choose!

Jose Beltran is a true professional

Jose Beltran is a true professional. His team and the way they manage claims is tremendous. Greta also assists us with safety reviews and such.

I would strongly recommend Normandy Insurance.

Dave Kindred, MomentumHr • Aug 23, 2021

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