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Loss Prevention

Keep your employees safe and your premium cost down by actively working to reduce the risk of injuries, fatalities and illness.
Our Loss Control team can help you minimize job hazards and ensure that your workplace is as safe-as-can-be.

Loss Control Services

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Loss Prevention Resources

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Our Loss Prevention resources contains
a wealth of information on how to mitigate
risk and increase safety.


Unfortunately, accidents happen. As soon as an injury is reported to us, we spring into action to get the injured worker the proper care.
Our goal is to get the employee back on his feet and returned to work as soon as possible.
Therefore, it it extremely important to notify us right away.

Employee Injured

Injured Worker Protocol

Decisions can become overwhelming during an emergency. That's why we've created this simplified 3 step protocol to follow. Print this file and hang it in a few conspicuous areas so you and your team are prepared for any events.

Are you ready for the Audit?

Every Workers' comp policy is audited at the end of the year and adjusted to accurate payroll numbers.
Learn how to set your business up for a successful audit and minimize surprises.

Before the Audit

Claim Reporting

A guide on everything you need to
know about how to prepare for your Audit.

Claim Communication

Read the guide and still have questions?
Check out these Audit FAQ's for the answers.

After the Audit

Report Injury

Interested in seeing your company's Audit?
Request the Audit Worksheet here


Something doesn't look right with the audit results? Let us know and we'll double check it.
File an Audit dispute here

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