The Claims Process

A quick overview of how we manage your claim at Normandy

Claim Reporting

The reporting of your work-related injury starts the claims process. If your claim has not been reported, you may report it yourself by calling 877-404-6442.

Communication is Key

You should receive a call from your Adjuster on the same or next business day from the date Normandy received notice of your claim to gather important information related to your claim. Please return the call to avoid delaying or jeopardizing your workers' compensation benefits.

How the System Works

Your Adjuster will also provide orientation and education regarding the workers' compensation system and benefits and review your injured worker rights and responsibilities.

Your Medical Care

Medical care will be authorized consistent with your state's workers' compensation laws. If you are not satisfied with the medical care you are receiving, please contact your Adjuster to discuss alternative care options.

Medical Bills

If you receive medical bills related to your workers' compensation claim or are asked to pay for treatment related to your eligible workers' compensation claim, contact your Adjuster immediately.

Lost Wages

Should you have questions concerning your lost wages, contact your Adjuster who can provide information specific to your claim such as the amount and duration of these benefits.


Communicate with your employer after your physician visits regarding your medically assigned restrictions or, your ability to return to full duty work if no restrictions are assigned. In certain cases, your employer may make modifications to your job or even offer an alternative job on a temporary basis until you have recovered sufficiently to return to your regular job.