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How a Slow Insurance Carrier Can Hurt Your Business

More than just money is on the line when it comes to closing workers' compensation claims. The faster a claim is closed, the faster your client's company will be able to bid on more projects, maintain strong credibility, good employee morale, and the overall workflow will continue smoothly.

That's all good and well, but what power does an insurance agent have in the claims process? Download our white paper for the answer!

About the Resources

Email Templates

At Normandy Insurance, we aim to make growing your insurance business easier. To help you move quickly through the prospecting and lead generation process, we have created email templates for you. You can edit these and personalize them as you wish (we recommend that you do!) The templates include a cold email, an email offering a consultation, a follow-up email, a request for a referral, several LinkedIn message templates, and one bonus message! By downloading this resource package, you will save hours and reach more potential clients.

Instagram and Facebook Theme Templates

Have you ever wondered how Normandy Insurance keeps up with social media? We have a great marketing team and they have built three templates to get you started. Using these templates will help you build a library of social posts quickly and easily so that you can reach a larger audience and (hopefully) sign more clients!

Telephone Script Templates

How many times have you floundered when calling a potential customer, or not known what to say in a voicemail message? To ease your worries and help you sound professional, we've created several scripts that you can use as a building block, or a starting point. Read through them first and personalize them, taking notes as you go. Download them now and get dialing!

LinkedIn Banners

LinkedIn is the social platform most popular for business networking. To create a good presence on LinkedIn, you need to put your best foot forward. These templates are easily-customized, so you can throw on your logo, website address, your value proposition and upload away!

Facebook Covers for US Holidays

At Normandy Insurance, we want our agents to stand out from the competition, but we know you don't have hours to create pretty covers to look good on Facebook. So, we did it for you! In this package, you will receive 9 different holiday designs.

Facebook and Instagram Special Offer Templates

When you decide to make a special offer, like a giveaway for anyone that applies for an insurance quote, you want to reach as many people as possible. We created these templates for use on Facebook or Instagram feeds so that you can share to your heart's delight!