Workers' Comp App

Calculate & submit Workers' Comp premiums accurately & easily.

main screen on workers' comp  app

Never do back-of-the-enveople guesswork to calculate premiums on a Workers' Compensation policy again!

Our free and easy to use policy app will calculate it accurately in a fraction of the time. The Normandy Workers' Comp app includes premium discounts, safety and drug free credits, debits and credits for experience modifications and increased limits.

Other great benefits include:

share  Easy to save and share
   Send the Workers' Comp premium quote via email or text to your client or yourself for safekeeping.

update  Always up to date
   We keep up with the new rate releases so you don't have to!

label  Know what we'll write
   Our considered & accepted codes are labeled in yellow and green so you know exactly what to send our way.

send  Submit via app
   Estimate looks good? Fill out some additional information and hit submit to send us the quote. It's that easy!

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