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Jayson Buechler Joins Normandy Harbor Insurance

MIAMI BEACH — Jayson Buechler has joined Normandy Harbor Insurance Co. (NHIC), a workers' compensation insurance carrier based in Miami Beach, as vice president of underwriting. "At NHIC, we provide workers' compensation coverage to a variety of clients, from large employers with multi-locations, to the small businesses that are the backbones of their communities, to specialty risks with special requirements," says President & CEO Therese A. Stevens. "With over a decade of experience in the workers' compensation marketplace, Jayson is uniquely qualified to judiciously underwrite all types of risks and to design innovative pricing programs that address our policyholders individual financial positions." Prior to joining NHIC, Buechler was the vice president of program management for Patriot Underwriters, Inc., and has held similar management positions with The Zenith and Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual. "NHIC has a well-deserved reputation for working with its clients in all aspects of their workers' compensation coverage," says Buechler. "As an underwriter, I find that partnership especially important. With NHIC's strong focus on safety, loss control, policy administration and claims management, we help our policyholders protect their employees from workplace accidents and themselves from higher workers' compensation costs."


Normandy Harbor Insurance Co. (NHIC) is a workers' compensation insurance carrier based in Miami Beach. NHIC offers a comprehensive platform of workers' compensation coverages and services to Florida businesses through its network of approved independent insurance agents. It provides statewide loss prevention services and claims management, including utilization review, a specialized provider network, well-negotiated medical provider fees, medical bill repricing, and a prescription drug program. NHIC's proprietary BackAboard™ program is designed to facilitate communications between injured workers and their employers and speed recovery to get both the employer and employee back to full productivity.

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