Should You Jump On The Bandwagon Of Employee Wellness Programs?

December 18, 2018


Rebecca Batisto
Should You Jump On The Bandwagon Of Employee Wellness Programs?

The rise of company-sponsored wellness programs is well documented in magazines and social media, alongside photos of the coolest and most unusual office spaces. While these might seem like ways of getting publicity, for many employers, investing in their workers and their lifestyle, elicits handsome returns.

Do I have to integrate employee wellness?

No! But the benefits might outweigh the costs.

In a study by the Queen’s School of Business and the Gallup Organization, absenteeism as well as workplace accidents and errors were directly attributed to cultural disengagement. In other words, many worker’s compensation claims are easily preventable by creating a work environment that makes employees feel more relaxed and promotes healthy lifestyles.

Three-quarters of all U.S. employers now offer wellness resources and programs. According to a 2018 SHRM survey, company fitness challenges rose 10%, CPR/first aid training increased by 7%, and the prevalence of standing desks is afforded to 53% of the workforce.

The Perks to “Perk” You Up

While most companies start by offering the obvious (but also expensive) rewards – gym memberships and daycare assistance – there’s a whole crop of incentives that run from reasonable to expensive and all promise to stimulate employee health.

Wellness programs to consider:

Paying for Self-Development Courses or “Soft” Skills

The idea that employees can take off the metaphorical suit and tie in order to be themselves is a load off. And that unbridled sentiment has employees smiling. It’s a far cry from a decade ago, before the dawn of millennial ideals highlighting the need for purpose and balance. This notion of a work/life integration is meant to maximize productivity. After all, a focused staff breeds big gains resembling higher profits, more engagement, and employee loyalty.

That’s why Normandy Insurance develops effective programs that promote safety, maximize productivity, and lower costs. We know that keeping risk to a minimum will helps your company stay successful.

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