Five Places to Find New Clients for Your Insurance Agency

February 13, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
Five Places to Find New Clients for Your Insurance Agency

Finding new clients in the competitive market of workers’ compensation insurance can be challenging. But just like other sales jobs (and really, being an insurance agent is essentially a sales job), it’s all about relationships.

The first place you should try is your local Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber exists to further the interests of local businesses. Joining the Chamber is more than networking; it’s building meaningful, lasting relationships that may end up becoming worth far more than the income they could potentially provide. Compared to some other networking groups, the Chamber is a reasonable price and not as demanding of your attention. In addition to getting to know fellow members, the Chamber often hosts events and programs that could turn out to be very lucrative for you and your insurance business.

Seek out construction networking groups.

Construction organizations, as I’m sure you know, rely on workers’ compensation. There are literally thousands of groups devoted to every aspect of the construction industry. Most of these groups, like Associated Builders & Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America, and the Construction Management Association of America, limit their membership to those directly in the construction industry. But, they are often seeking authorities to come to speak at their meetings and events. And they are always looking for sponsors for their events. Reach out to some of these agencies and make it known you’re available to come to talk to their group.

Keep in touch with contacts through LinkedIn.

The high rate of turnover in construction can work in your favor. There are a lot of construction managers who, when the project is completed, move on to the next big project somewhere else. Make a point of building relationships and staying in touch with these influential people. They may be able to introduce you to your next client when they get their next job.

For women in the industry, join your local ABWA Chapter.

The American Business Women’s Association says its mission is to, “bring together business women of diverse occupations” and provide them with ways to, “grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition.”

Join or start a Meetup Group.

It’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but Meetup offers unique networking opportunities. One of the great things about Meetup is, if you don’t see a group that meets your needs, you can start your own. Meetup puts your group in front of people in your area, and the next thing you know, you’ve got members. There’s even a “Pro” feature on Meetup that can connect you with your community, drive customer engagement, and build brand awareness.

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