What All Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in April

April 3, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
What All Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in April

The theme this month is Spring into Action! It’s a good month to focus on things you can do to get new customers for your business like networking, a newsletter, and social media. This is a great time to get amped up about your business as everyone is feeling the excitement of spring creeping up!


The Chamber of Commerce is usually the first place that comes to mind when thinking about networking events available to those in the insurance industry. However, there are several opportunities for networking outside the local chamber.

  1. Business Networking Groups
  2. Mastermind Groups
  3. Meetup.com Groups (and other local event sites like Eventbrite and Eventful)
  4. Charity Events

It’s tempting when attending networking events to show up fashionably late, but arrive early to an event this month and see if you notice a difference in the types of connections you make. Event organizers appreciate the help setting up, and are usually happy to introduce you to other business leaders. (It’s also possible that they might vocalize a thank you and mention your business if they get a hold of a microphone.)

Remember when meeting new connections not to talk insurance right off the bat. Focus more on making a good impression by asking questions and committing details to memory. You’re probably not going to be the only insurance agent at the event, and anyone who has ever been stuck talking to a super-boring insurance guy is usually actively avoiding insurance salespeople. In order to overcome the competition and break through any negative stereotypes, work the long game. People are more likely to trust their business to people they know and trust, so becoming a trusted friend should be the initial goal.

In addition to large networking events, you can do some one-on-one networking. This month, set up one networking lunch or coffee every week. You’re going to eat lunch anyway – why not kill two birds with one stone!

Whether networking at an event or one-on-one, consider your networking goals. Are you benefiting from your current networking? How could you get more out of them? As a local business owner, remember, you don’t have to be better at marketing than every other business who does what you do. You only need to be better at it than the handful you’re competing against in your local area.


We like to encourage the unique angle when it comes to marketing. Sticking with the idea of strengthening your relationships, focus on quality over quantity. Pick a small group of potential clients and send them a printed newsletter.

One fun idea: send your clients and your small group of potential clients a “We Can Help Your Business Grow” letter or newsletter with a pack of seeds for planting. The headline of your sales letter will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to know more. Be clear, concise, and conversational. Be friendly, not all business. The goal of a direct mail piece like this is to generate leads, not sales. It should open doors to the next step in the process.


Write a LinkedIn template email. This is the message that goes along with a LinkedIn introduction message. You get 2000 characters to sell yourself.

While you’re here, look through your profile and update your summary. Branding expert William Arruda writes for Forbes that the first few lines of your summary are critical. Make the words so magnetic, he says, that they make the reader want to click “show more” for the whole story. Software firm HubSpot offers seven LinkedIn summary examples to use as templates when writing your own.

Join Normandy

This month, reach out to find out how Normandy Insurance can help your agency write more workers’ comp claims. We offer competitive commission, cost-saving resources for your clients, and cost-effective claims management. In short, we make your business easier. Our agents receive excellent incentives and rewards, with full administrative support for easy quoting.

Join us next month for our next installment of What To Do This Month: “Time to May-ke Good on Your Business Commitments.” (See what we did there?) Until then, good luck with your insurance agency!

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