Calling Insurance Agents! How to improve your business in November

November 6, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
Calling Insurance Agents! How to improve your business in November

Have you counted the days until the end of the decade? That’s right, another decade comes to a close soon and there are even fewer working days between now and then. In other words, time is flying by so now is the time to take stock of all open tasks and plan to get everything in line before the beginning of our new year.

Sign On The Dotted Line

Many companies have a fiscal year-end which is in sync with the calendar year-end, so they are motivated to spend remaining dollars and settle agreements. Now is a good time to send reminders of outstanding contracts or make offers for the upcoming year.

There may also be personnel changes and promotions that occur with the close of the year so be sure that everyone is up to speed on open proposals and all questions answered. This is a great time to meet new people and demonstrate you will be available to answer questions and provide advice.

Close Coverage Reviews

Another action businesses take at year end is to set goals for the upcoming year. Meet with clients to understand their business goals in order to advise them as to their evolving insurance needs. Workers’ compensation requirements change depending on location, numbers of employees, and more. This is the perfect time to step into the advisory position and create a proposal to reflect their 2020 needs.

If you have a coverage review that is not yet completed or hasn’t been reviewed by the client, now’s the time to circle back and incorporate suggested changes into their 2020 policies.

Kick-Off The New Year

Most companies hold employee kick-off meetings in the first quarter of the new year to express the goals and objectives. Offer to speak at these events to help managers and employees better understand workers’ compensation, from basic explanations to how to report injuries. This is an effective way to ensure all employees have the latest and greatest information and get your company’s name in front of more people.

Plan It Out

Finally, take a good look at the remaining workdays in this decade and make a plan to reach out to key clients and those who still have open items. Remember, your clients will take time away for Thanksgiving and December holidays, so don’t put off your meetings until it’s too late!

Make the most out of the time before the end of the decade to solidify your 2020 business. Normandy Insurance puts our clients first, so if you need support we’re here to help! Contact us today!

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