How To Conduct An Annual Insurance Coverage Review

By Rebecca Batisto

How To Conduct An Annual Insurance Coverage Review

Do you perform reviews of your insurance coverage yearly?

With a new year and a new decade underway, it’s a great time to proactively reach out to clients and conduct their annual insurance coverage reviews. An annual review is not only smart for your clients, but it’s also an excellent way to build rapport while demonstrating the value you provide, beyond servicing their policies.

If done correctly, an insurance coverage review can also provide client feedback on services, as well as offering an opportunity to build a case for additional coverage. You may also have the benefit of updating your client contacts and database while making new contacts within the company.

Conducting The Review

A coverage review does not need to take a lot of time to create an updated and accurate picture of the client’s business. Create a repeatable structure or checklist you can use for all clients, then begin scheduling time with them as you prepare for their reviews. Commit to conducting a few reviews each week, and soon, you will have covered your whole book of business.

At a high level, look at your coverage reviews as having three parts:

  1. Preparing for the review,
  2. Conducting it with the client,
  3. Following up on any open items or opportunities to upgrade their policies.


The goal of the coverage review is to uncover changes to the client’s business, which may affect the level of insurance required during the upcoming term. To do that effectively, you need to create a complete picture of the client’s business, especially any changes that may have occurred since the previous review.

Before meeting with the client, create a list of questions you need to be answered, completing as many of them as possible before your meeting. Go back through your files and note when policies began and will renew, variables impacting coverage levels (such as the number of employees), and relevant claims to discuss

When it comes to uncovering changes to the business, some questions might include:

This list is not exhaustive, but it will help get you started in building your own template and in uncovering changes to the client’s business.


Armed with your preparation, you can now use your client’s time effectively and efficiently. Schedule a time to meet and encourage your contact to invite participants who may be valuable to the conversation. Communicate in advance what they can expect and how much time it’s likely to take.

Remember that, once the meeting begins, it is an opportunity to deepen your relationship and demonstrate value. Don’t just robotically go through your questions. Instead, show you’ve studied their business and make suggestions while offering industry trends and other helpful information.


Directly following the review, send an email to the client outlining the next steps, as well as summarizing the meeting. Commit to providing changes and any proposals within a timely manner as you want to capitalize on the momentum created. Because this is something you will be doing for all your clients, it will be helpful to create a template so you won’t forget anything.

Conducting an effective coverage review is an integral part of providing an outstanding buying experience, setting you up to win both repeat and new business. If you need support in reviewing coverages or in suggesting changes, contact us. Normandy Insurance is dedicated to providing you with the support you need to grow your business in 2020!



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