How Insurance Agents Can Get Clients in The Light Manufacturing Industry

September 4, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
How Insurance Agents Can Get Clients in The Light Manufacturing Industry

Insurance agents need a steady influx of new clients and we, at Normandy Insurance Company, are always trying to help. Getting work with light manufacturing companies could be your ideal new avenue as an insurance agent. Here are five things you can do to kickstart your client search and get your name noticed.

Use Social Media

Want to make connections? You need to be active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Know your audience well. Write posts that are helpful to the light manufacturing industry by answering questions or grievances that they post about. Follow their profiles, and answer and like their posts. Another great way to find clients in a specific industry is to engage in relevant hashtags and tags on your post.

Keep up to date with hashtags supporting specific industries and local businesses, then use those hashtags in your related social media posts. Not only does using social media give you an immediate point of contact with companies, but it will also increase your following.

The Old Ways Are Best

Why not stick with traditions and give direct marketing or email marketing a try? It’s a successful way of advertising yourself to the clients you want to connect with. Find the relevant address or email address, write a catch-all letter, and get sending.

With email marketing, consistency is key. Provide relevant and helpful content on a monthly basis (or more) and you’ll find yourself building a rapport with potential clients. Even if they are not in need of your services today, you will be the first agent they call when they are in need.

Be A Novel Networker

Who could help you make the connections you desire? What would they want in return? You may be able to reciprocate networking. In other words, they introduce you to their networks, and you do the same.

Be persistent. If you want to generate new client leads, you’ll need to be available 24/7. Network with other agents, hold seminars, coffees meetups, and dinners to meet and greet prospective clients.

Be as open and flexible as possible. Sometimes clients will want to take it slow and get to know you first, working on recommendations. Speaking of recommendations…

Create A Customer Referral Program

Referrals can go a long way to help you find new clients. Set up a program that encourages clients to refer you to their friends and family by sending small giveaways. Always follow up with a thank you email or letter, providing further information about your services. Once you’ve got one job with clients in the light manufacturing industry, it’ll be much easier to get a second.

You may want to offer a discount for clients who recommend you. Or create a lottery system, giving out monthly low-budget prizes. By spending a small amount of money on them, you incentivize your clients to advertise your business for you.

Begin Blogging

If your company has a website, then you should be leveraging it to attract potential clients. How? By answering the questions, your clients are typing into Google.

Quality blogging begins by conducting keyword research so that you know the terms your ideal customer uses when they turn to Google with a question. Once you know the words they use, you can write content optimized to appear in search results.

That’ll help you get in front of even more people, answering your clients’ questions. You’re also building trust as an expert—making it more likely your visitor will become a customer.

A blog titled, “What does my workers’ compensation cover in the light manufacturing industry?” can help future clients discover your website.

The light manufacturing industry could be a massive opportunity for insurance agents at all stages of their careers. If you are looking for even more opportunities, you might want to explore becoming an agent with Normandy Insurance. If you’re interested, drop us a line!

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