4 Ways Insurance Agents Can Utilize Small Business Saturday

November 11, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
4 Ways Insurance Agents Can Utilize Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a vast movement that sees millions of Americans switching their attention away from the big chain stores and shopping local for a weekend. It’s also something insurance agents can tap into. Use this opportunity to connect with your current customer base and engage with new clients as the festive season begins.

When you think about it, insurance agents share much of the same qualities as local retail businesses. You’re engaging in the community, supporting local families, you pride yourself on your relationships with customers, and you offer a rewarding, high-quality service.

So why shouldn’t you take advantage of this trend and increase your clientele in the process? Normandy Insurance has four top tips for insurance agents to utilize Small Business Saturday and maintain sales throughout the holiday season.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday takes place the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. It has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year for local businesses. In 2015 alone, nearly 100 million Americans spent more than $16 billion in support of small businesses. In 2020 it will fall on November 28.

Partner Up With Small Businesses

One excellent way to stay on brand with the small business message is to partner up. Combine your marketing efforts, or join together and incentivize customers with deals when they visit yours or another small business’ location.

Embrace social media. Keep up to date with hashtags supporting local events and businesses, then use those hashtags in your related social media posts. Not only does using social media give you an immediate point of contact with local companies, but it will also increase your local following.

Social Media Is King

Speaking of social media, if your agency isn’t on it, now’s a great place to start. The colder weather means people are indoors more, checking their phones, looking for inspiration. Build a rapport with these potential customers. Post small insurance tips and reminders. Build brand loyalty, and also remind potential viewers that you’re open for business this winter. Look Into Promotions

Promotions can go a long way to help you find new clients. Set up a program that encourages clients to check out your agency by sending small giveaways. It could be a raffle with the winning prize being a free consultation. The reward doesn’t have to be big, just enough to spark interest.

You may also want to offer a discount for clients who recommend you. Or create a lottery system, giving out additional low-budget prizes. By spending a small amount of money on them, you incentivize your clients to advertise your business on your behalf.

Don’t Slow Down

As an agent, you work hard to build relationships. Small Business Saturday is just one day, but it provides a great source of networks that you can nurture throughout the year.

Ask to collect contact information such as email addresses and social media handles so you can share special offers and promotions. Always follow up with a thank you email or letter, providing further information about your services.

Be as open and flexible as possible. Sometimes, clients will want to take it slow and get to know you first, working on recommendations. Others will want quick turnarounds, so merely maintaining an active presence can get you noticed.

Small Business Saturday is perfect for up-and-coming agents. If you are looking for even more opportunities, you might want to explore becoming an agent with Normandy Insurance. If you’re interested, drop us a line!

Learn about becoming and agent: Becoming An Agent | Email Us: info@normandyins.com | Call Us: 1-866-688-6442

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