The Four Meetings to Have With Your Workers' Comp Clients in 2021

February 19, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
The Four Meetings to Have With Your Workers' Comp Clients in 2021

The past year has been rough on everyone. As the pandemic continues to ravage the country, several vaccines give us hope for a return to some normalcy. However, with Zoom meetings being the norm in many workplaces, we can still communicate safely. Safety outside and inside of the workplace is more important than ever. To keep workers’ compensation claims to a minimum, here are four types of meetings to have with your clients in 2021:

1. Safety Meetings

As obvious as it may sound, reviewing a company’s safety guidelines with them is a must. Many safety incidents can happen in and out of the company, but getting ahead of them with a safety meeting is ideal. Every leader at your client’s company needs an introductory training course on safety. Whether it is safety tips for icy conditions or how to be a first responder, any knowledge when it comes to protecting the workforce is beneficial.

However, if your client does not have safety training material prepared, do not worry. Instead, offer to create your own. Adding yourself to the company’s safety training provides employees with a beacon in times of danger and can also lead to faster claims.

2. Educational Meetings

While explaining a company’s safety procedures takes precedence, a meeting covering the workers’ compensation claim process is next on the list. Understanding what goes into a claim and how to file it goes a long way in educating its employees. The faster a claim is submitted, the quicker an insurance agent can get it closed.

At Normandy Insurance Company, we take opportunities like these to provide an intimate approach to assisting with claims. Providing a transparent, standardized process helps our clients understand and file faster while also allowing us to treat each incident with the care and swiftness it deserves.

3. Tracking Updates

Many companies have different ways of keeping track of workplace incidents. However, to keep everyone on the same standard, regular meetings discussing the best ways to log and track injuries are necessary.

Keeping track of injuries and mishaps allows leaders to pinpoint the most dangerous aspects of a job and find ways to alleviate the burden. Finding and eliminating these hazardous hotspots before they get out of hand ultimately saves the company money in workers’ compensation claims.

Furthermore, providing a standard allows for all employees an easy way to record incidents without confusion or hesitation. Though injuries are never the goal, employees should not feel embarrassed or even afraid to report incidents. Establishing a meeting to discuss ways to record, report, and track these incidents ensures everyone is on the same page.

4. Building “Back to Work” Programs

The longer an employee is out due to a workplace incident, the more money and time it costs the company. Depending on the situation, the longer an employee is out of the office, the longer it will take them to acclimate back to their roles. However, one way to nip both those issues in the bud is by introducing a “Back-to-Work” program.

Introducing the idea of a “Back-to-Work” program into your meetings will help the company and improve their MOD rate or safety rating. Instead of bringing an employee back from their time off abruptly, a “Back-to-Work” program allows employees to return at a reduced capacity. Easing them back into their jobs not only boosts morale but also saves the company money. The program enables employees to come back at their leisure while saving the company time and resources from training someone else in the same position.

Communication is Key

In the end, all of these meetings boil down to one crucial tool: communication. Providing excellent and open communication between you and your clients facilitates a smoother claims process.

At Normandy Insurance, we pride ourselves on giving our client’s a one-on-one experience with a dedicated underwriter. By providing such an intimate connection and allowing ourselves to communicate, we can quickly file a company’s claims. Allowing a direct line of communication also gives both employer and employee more peace of mind. Along with the physical pain, injuries are stressful. If we can relieve some of that stress during the workers’ compensation claims process, we’ve done our job.

And if you want some help doing your job, Normandy Insurance is looking for talented, passionate, and knowledgeable insurance agents! Contact us today!

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