5 Instagram Themes For Insurance Agents

February 25, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
5 Instagram Themes For Insurance Agents

Instagram themes: No, you haven’t missed a major update to the Instagram app. Instagram themes aren’t an add on; instead, a social media trend which champions visual consistency and can really help an insurance agent grow their agency. In short - it’s all about making your feed as uniform as possible where each new post looks like it truly belongs on your account.

Instagram themes are by no means compulsory. But it’s what all the major social media brands are doing to develop their individual style. The website Bustle has a few suggestions that can help you build your theme. “Work with a consistent color palette,” they argue. “Choose an aspect ratio that best suits your photography style, and stick with it. If you’re into taking pictures of your food, create consistent image composition by using similar angles, lighting, and staging for your photos.”

And, in the world of business, none of this is new. Think of any major brand. Their font choice is consistent, as is their color palette. Social media is just another branch of marketing, and small businesses can use Instagram themes as a platform. If you were a baker, you would make sure the pictures of your finished loaves are consistent, use the same angled shots to take photos of your flower arrangements if you were a florist, and insurance agents can also begin to build their brand by using any of the theme choices below.

Why Should I Be On Instagram Anyway?

It’s time to get into the 21st century if you think Instagram is just a photo-sharing website for teenagers. We already covered the app’s importance in our previous blog, Three Easy Ways To Get Your Insurance Business Noticed On Instagram; go check it out!

In short, when a potential client needs an insurance agent in their area, they won’t always use Google to search for one. If they type ‘Insurance Chicago’ into Instagram, and you’re a Chicago business that isn’t on the platform, you’re potentially losing out to your rivals.

Pick A Color And Stick To It

We’ve mentioned it before, but color is brilliant for a consistent brand identity. Pick your color palette and stick to it. Your brand color could appear in your photo background, quotes, clothes your agents wear, and any other props.

And if you’re after an example, give our business Instagram account a follow, @normandy_ins. We love our royal blue color theme.

Be Consistent With Your Filters

Just as color consistency will add brand recognition, so will filters. If you know many of your photos and posts will look very different side by side; a filter can be the link that holds an agency’s identity together. @shopmalloryonthemoon is a vintage shop. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that business utilizes a vintage filter.

Choose Your Tiles Wisely

Now it’s time to get creative. As insurance agents, a lot of our posts are going to be very text-heavy. Client reviews, special deals, or general advice. There’s nothing wrong with an Instagram post which is a snappy graphic on a plain background, but your feed may start to jar alongside pictures of smiling customers.

That’s why we love the idea of having informative posts, followed by more traditional Insta-worthy pictures. Many accounts do this well. Like @dictionarycom and @advancedhomecareonline. It’s effortless to recreate: one post for text, another for a photo, and so on.

Same Background To Make Product Prop

Want to keep your Instagram feed looking as clean and professional as possible? Consider going with the same background, so your eye focuses on the important product, object, or quote you put in the foreground. Businesses love doing this, @shopzoco always take their snaps in front of the same beige background.

Go Viral With Elaborate Puzzles

This one takes a lot of planning, but the results are fantastic. @Spectra360 uses their logo throughout all tiles, using small pieces of the logo on each tile to create a grid view that looks sharp and stands out. @theofficialpandora is known for creating different puzzle feeds to celebrate special collections. We see no reason why an insurance agent can’t adopt a similar theme to really stand out from the crowd.

Why Bother With Instagram Themes?

Through an Instagram account, you can build immediate trust with a future client. Having a wide range of social media accounts - especially if they’re verified - shows that your business is successful enough to move resources into marketing themselves online. Adopting a theme to make your account look even more professional, well, then you must be the best agency in town. Keeping up appearances is crucial in this industry.

Just like with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can use Instagram to lead users to your website. By posting engaging content, you can increase traffic, which in turn can increase potential client numbers.

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