Taking Care of You and Your Team: Practicing Yoga

August 11, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Taking Care of You and Your Team: Practicing Yoga

Yoga in the workplace is not a new trend. Studies and articles have been published on the matter for years. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s read about it or does it because, let’s face it, starting a new routine is hard. At Normandy Insurance, we have long believed in the powerful benefits that yoga, and any exercise for that matter, can have on our employees. From core health to mental wellness to relationships, the proof is irrefutable that regular exercise is good for us.

Staying on Task

As the hours of our work days feel like they drag on, our focus and creativity can lag. It’s only natural. That’s why we need to take breaks, to let our minds rest for a moment. Do you ever zone out? That’s the mind enforcing a break! Well, introducing yoga into the workplace or independently practicing on a break will boost your concentration for the rest of your day. Fundamentally, yoga is about bringing our focus inward, on our breathing, our bodies, and our present moment while we practice it. That focus translates to the rest of your day, especially when you do yoga regularly. With heightened concentration, you spend your energy efficiently on tasks and creative thinking.

Feeling Energized

Starting your day with yoga is an excellent means of boosting your energy for the day. Some wonderful, slow poses can help wake your body up, coupled with focused breathing. Not everyone’s schedule allows for a morning wake-up routine, but you can still reap the benefits from breaktime practice when you feel that lull coming on in your day. As you move through your yoga poses, the release of endorphins into your body and the increased blood flow that naturally occurs from stretching and exercise is invigorating. And, when you boost your energy, you are often in a better mood! The increase in vigor and attitude not only makes the day better for you but teammates as well, as you’re easier to work with and more likely to bring your A-game.

Don’t Stress Out

Additionally, when you’re making more efficient use of your time and energy, you’ll naturally have less stress. 65% of workers feel stress has significant effects on them, both mentally and physically. Introducing yoga into your daily routine reduces that stress immensely. When we are less prone to stressing out, we don’t edge on burning out so much! It increases worker resilience, leading to less absenteeism overall.

Easing the Pain

Another factor that often leads to absenteeism is employee health and injury. Furthermore, job-related stress has been linked to physical illnesses as well. Even sitting at a desk all day can be reason for concern. Minor back pains, neck pains, wrist pains, etc., can amount to bigger issues that send us on medical leave. That’s no good for our employers or us.

The right yoga routine can prevent these types of injuries, prolonging our physical wellness alongside the emotional and mental. You can increase flexibility, ease the stress on joints, improve your posture, and promote better blood flow, which means you’ll just plain feel better overall while you work!

Teams That Play Together Stay Together

Independently, the benefits are apparent. However, introducing a regular team yoga practice allows those benefits to affect everyone equally. You’ll all be on the same page. Ideally, you’ll encourage and support one another, feeling taken care of by your business. When everyone is on the same work and workout routine, it introduces more harmony to the office. It sets an emotional baseline as well, with the mood improvements we mentioned above. If a group yoga session doesn’t cheer a teammate up, then there’s something more at play, allowing you to reach out and deal with them directly, thus improving workplace engagement. Ultimately, everyone will communicate and work better through this shared experience.

A healthy workplace can be hard to create and maintain. Thankfully, yoga practice is incredibly accessible, as the range of poses accommodates a range of physical capabilities. There is something for everyone in yoga, allowing you to cater group or individual routines to an employee’s specific needs. If you haven’t seen it already, the team at Normandy Insurance hosts a regular Monday Yoga event on Zoom, which anyone is welcome to join! Join here: Registration For Yoga or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to see when our next event goes live and register to participate. We would love to have you and welcome a chance to show you a new way to make the workday better!

If you’re looking for insurance-related ways to improve your workplace, Normandy Insurance is built on its expertise in worker’s compensation insurance. You can check out our website for more information and tools, as well as our selection of helpful blogs.

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