Four Ways to Make a Business Review More Exciting For Your Client

September 9, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Four Ways to Make a Business Review More Exciting For Your Client

Let’s face it: our clients aren’t chomping at the bit for their next insurance review. While reviewing their policies regularly is important, it can feel like pulling teeth. Don’t let their negativity consume you! More importantly, we need to cater to our clients in a way that doesn’t make their next business review a drag.

How should you spice up your next insurance review before your client falls asleep? Let’s take a look at four ways to keep these meetings exciting but still productive.

Don’t Deny the Power of a Free Meal

You’ve heard of dinner and a movie, but dinner and a business review? A promise of food after or before your next business review not only entices your client into attending, but you are also building your professional relationship. Remember, you are representing your insurance agency. Make sure you choose a proper meal. And, if possible, write off the lunch or dinner as a business expense. Everyone wins!

Coffee Boosts Collaboration

You don’t have to go out of your way for a fancy meal every time you meet your client. Bringing a coffee or even meeting at a coffee shop helps boost discussion and productivity. Furthermore, coffee can help both agent and client focus on the review. Most of all, a cup of coffee will give your client the alertness to get through the review and land you some brownie points in the process.

Break the Ice

The business review might be one of the longest conversations you will have with your client. To break up the monotony: Think of some exciting icebreakers to start each meeting. If you are meeting virtually, try having themed Zoom backgrounds that could lead to interesting conversations. Work through brain teasers or puzzles to get both of your brains active. Not only will you build your rapport with your client, but you’ll both be focused on the meeting ahead.

Provide Incentives

You can take your meetings one step further than icebreakers by gamifying your reviews. Create a system that rewards your clients for participating in their insurance reviews, such as a point system. Maybe each meeting gives your client a point, and those points can be later redeemed for gift cards or other goodies. An incentive system will encourage them to keep up with their business reviews.

An insurance review allows agents to go over a client’s account, check on their rates, and so on. At Normandy Insurance, loss control visits are an important review during the policy period and audits are important to make sure our clients have the proper coverage in place to insure their exposures. But we can’t do these meetings without their participation. These four methods should help build your rapport with your clients and hold their attention throughout the review. If you would like to offer Normandy Insurance to your clients, or need to find an independent agent, please check out our website:

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