Prepare Your Clients With These Storm Safety Tips

October 6, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Prepare Your Clients With These Storm Safety Tips

The past year has been hectic when it comes to natural disasters. From the wildfires in California to tornados country-wide and the most recent Hurricane Ida, the weather has caused destruction for many people. As workers’ comp carriers, we may not bear the brunt of the claims, but these disasters are coming more frequently, and often without warning, so let’s discuss storm safety tips that will help clients and their employees avoid injury in the coming months.

Floods: Seek Higher Ground

Hurricane Ida struck a significant blow against the country, with many people fearing comparisons to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. With hospitals flooded with patients due to the COVID-19 Delta variant, there was little room to treat injuries.

For floods, seeking high ground is essential to survival. Depending on the elevation of your clients’ location, this will be a vital tip. As always, listen to instructions from public safety officials through media or emergency channels. No matter how important your client’s work is, the lives of their employees take top priority.

When flood warnings are released, take them seriously every time. Unplug all electronics and send employees home if possible. Before they leave, be sure t o check the warning against commute time. Make sure not to drive through flooded roads; your car might be swept away.

If evacuation is not possible, be ready to evacuate to a higher location if the rain builds to a dangerous level. However, while traveling, make sure not to drive through flooded roads; your car might be swept away. For more flooding tips, Massachusetts’s website provides exemplary information.

Lightning in the Sky, Head Inside!

During a heavy lightning storm, being outside is extremely dangerous. You might be surprised to learn that lightning is a leading cause of deaths during storms. Between 2009 and 2018, lightning killed an estimated 27 people per year.

The best thing to do when you see lightning is to run inside. Follow the 30-30 rule: once you see lightning, count 30 seconds and head inside if you hear thunder before the end of the count. But if you can’t run inside your office, home, or even car, be sure to stay away from bodies of water and don’t hide beneath a tree. Even inside, stay away from water, corded phones, and other electronics. For more tips to keep you safe, please visit the CDC’s website.

Surround Yourself With Walls During a Tornado

Tornadoes are incredibly destructive. Mobile homes especially get wiped away in the face of their destruction. Those storms caused the death of 76 people in 2020. Tornadoes are no joke.

While being inside is just as crucial as lightning storms, placement is much more critical in case of tornadoes. The best location to stay safe during a tornado would absolutely be in a basement. If your client has one, perfect. If not, a room without windows and heavy protection could serve as a good secondary option. Keep an emergency kit with a radio and fresh batteries, a smartphone, or anything to keep up-to-date with emergency information is a must to make sure the coast is clear. And don’t forget an emergency kit full of food, water, and other necessary supplies in case of a power outage or worse.

Above all, planning ahead is beneficial to any company to prevent as much destruction and injuries as possible. Do your clients have an emergency location planned out? Share these tips to help your clients avoid injuries in the workplace. But when an injury DOES happen, your ability to address the incident swiftly greatly helps your insurance business, as you can see from our Agent Resources. If you are interested in getting appointed with Normandy Insurance, please check out our website for more details:

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