Keeping Your Employees Safe Without Nagging Them

October 13, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Keeping Your Employees Safe Without Nagging Them

The safety of your employees should take priority above all. Your team is essential to running your company. Workplace injuries force extra tasks and anxiety onto other workers. Even though you want to keep your employees safe, you can’t watch over them during an entire shift. Furthermore, breathing down their necks will give them the opposite effect; you’ll come off as a nagging parent. Either the worker feels like safety gets in the way of their productivity or is too burdensome. It’s a terrible mindset.

You don’t want to talk down to your employees. However, you need to walk a fine line between overbearing and not caring enough. Let’s go over some tactics to ensure your employees will follow the rules without feeling patronized.


When employees are involved with shaping their jobs, they tend to pay more attention. Encourage your workers to spot accidents before they become hazards. Forming safety committees provide employees the opportunity to give feedback on safety protocols and be heard on a level playing ground. Let them take the reigns and perform safety checks. Motivating your employees to participate in the safety of their environment lets them be both seen and heard. Furthermore, providing positive reinforcement boosts both their morale and their safety ethic.


Training doesn’t have to stop after the first day an employee starts their job. In fact, the more training an employee receives, the less likely they will run into any workplace injuries. Even wellness programs and other assistance can potentially reduce or prevent accidents. Training will help reinforce what to do in these dangerous moments and increase awareness when incidents still occur. Really ingrain these teachings into their minds by making your training sessions mandatory. Need ideas on how and what to teach your employees proper safety techniques? OSHA has a few tips.

Insist on Consequences

When people go against safety protocols, they are endangering their health along with their co-workers. No matter how much training you give to these individuals, they will find ways to cut corners that may lead to danger. While you might feel like a parent scolding their child, providing consequences for not following safety protocols is the last resort to getting your workers to commit to safety. Provide warnings on the first few slip-ups; they could be accidents. But if accidents keep happening or the severity of the incidents increase, let them know this won’t be tolerated. Eventually, you may want to consider letting go of employees who constantly put themselves and their co-workers in danger.

You aren’t your employees’ parents. However, if they expect to work for your company, rules must be followed to ensure both their health and the health of all employees. As an insurance agent, you know how important it is for your clients to get their employees back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can check out how a speedy resolution helps everyone in the end with a download of our white paper, located in our Agent Resources. If you are interested in getting appointed with Normandy Insurance or requesting our services, please check out our website for more details:

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