What you should include in your end-of-year report for your workers' comp clients

September 27, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
What you should include in your end-of-year report for your workers' comp clients

End-of-year reports can be very helpful for workers’ comp clients as a way to make sure their insurance is still covering their needs, but also as a way if showing that their investment in you - as their agent - is beneficial. These reports are daunting tasks that can be hard to start. We’re here to help with suggestions to help you get started!


Your client will want to know what they paid out in workers’ comp and what was claimed. All of the financial information should be included in your report. That’s the most obvious, but what you may not consider is the placement within your report. 

When providing an end of year report, make sure to place the graphical year-in-review in the canter of the document, with information that sells your services somehow in the front and back of the report. 

Here are the additional items you should include before and after the year-in-review: 

Other Services You Offer

If your client is happy with their current services, why not see if they want to add more to the bundle? General liability, Yacht, and EPLI are some of the other services offered by Normandy Insurance. If you already have other lines, and are trying to get their workers’ comp, we can assist you with our branded marketing materials.

Competitive Comparisons

Providing your clients with an overview of costs and claims in their industry, or their location is extremely valuable. If their claims are higher than average, it could be a good opportunity to meet with them and possibly help fix some of the more common claims. If their claims are lower, they can feel good about their safety record. 

Changes in Regulations

Businesses stay with their agents because of the customer service provided. If you are staying on top of regulatory changes and necessities for your clients, they will appreciate your diligence. 

Provide clients with changes in regulations that happened over the past 12 months and expected change for the upcoming year. Use this as an opportunity to meet and discuss any changes that are expected in their business. 

When should you send an end-of-year report? 

End of year reports will get lost in the pile of email if they are sent between Thanksgiving and New Year. That being said, it’s often the most logical time to wrap up a report. If you can deliver a printed copy, that would be preferential. Otherwise, shoot for the second week of January to deliver it when clients are feeling fresh and ready to get back to business. 

For more marketing advice for insurance agents, stay tuned to this blog, or check out Normandy Insurance’s  special resources page. And, if you’re writing commercial insurance, contact us for appointment information.

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