Five Questions Clients Might Ask You Before Signing With You

February 8, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Five Questions Clients Might Ask You Before Signing With You

Picture this: you are talking with a potential client. It’s going great! In the end, you ask if they have any questions. Are you ready to answer anything? Don’t panic! While there are a plethora of questions that could pop up, most will derive to five very important questions.

Let’s discuss the five most frequent questions clients ask before signing with an insurance agent.

1. How Do I Pay My Bill?

The biggest question on anyone’s mind: how do I pay my bill? When someone asks you this question, you need to make the answer as simple as possible. For example, Normandy Insurance allows clients to make online payments, access loss run reports, and more through a convenient Online Agency Portal.

2. How Do I File a Claim?

Again, you want your answer to be as easy and convenient for your client and their employees as possible. Have a link to your agency's website on hand where they can find step by step instructions to file a claim If you have an app to file claims, mention it; it’s not common yet, but it’s convenient and efficient. If you want to see an example, check out our website.

3. How Long is a Claim Open?

This is a complex question. Emphasize the importance of closing claims quickly and efficiently. Claims should be  be reported quickly, along with all the facts. Also, claims are broken down into two categories: Medical-Only and Lost Time. Depending on the situation, such as Medical-Only, no time is lost. We try to resolve a claim as quickly as possible to maintain a company’s workflow, keep company morale high, and maintain a company’s credibility.

4. What is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

As an agent, this question might sound incredibly simple, but clients need to know what is and isn’t covered. Workers’ comp insurance covers injuries and sickness related to work. A company pays into the insurance to prevent liability and exuberant costs.

5. How Much Are Rates?

Depending on the type of business, rates may vary. Not every company has the same risks. Rates are determined based on payroll and exposure. The greater the potential risk, the higher the rate. If your potential clients have drug free or safety programs in place, you may be able to secure preferred rates. The more options, the better!

You might run into more questions, but if you can answer these very simple questions with your potential client, you can handle anything else they throw at you. As a workers’ comp insurance company, we pride ourselves on a fast response time for our workers' comp claims while giving the personal touch clients deserve. If you are interested in our services or writing with us, please check out our website for more details:

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