Help Friends & Family Refer Your Services

August 10, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Help Friends & Family Refer Your Services

Referral marketing activity attracts qualified customers who are more likely to make purchases, which helps companies see a longer duration of revenue growth. Statistically, companies with referral campaigns saw 86% more revenue growth over two years.”

As an independent agent, you probably appreciate all of the help you can get when it comes to networking and sales. If your family or friends are willing to help you out, why not make it easier on them? 

Here are some ways to help your friends and family refer you to their contacts. 

Make sure they understand what you do.

Often, our family can be confused about the intricate details of our job. That seems harmless until your mother is telling her friends that you provide car insurance when you actually only offering Workers’ Comp. 

Be patient! Explain the lines of insurance that you offer and if you happen to get a call about car insurance, explain to the caller - and your referring friend - that you appreciate the call but are not able to help. 

Say thanks!

A simple thank you goes a long way, right? Sending a handwritten is one step further. Send your friend a note (even if it doesn’t pan out) for the referral, and you’re more likely to get more referrals. Thank you notes not only provide a personal touch, but they also show you would provide excellent customer service to your clients. 

“The average American household receives just ten pieces of personal mail per year, not counting holiday cards and invitations. While email inboxes overflow, a handwritten envelope in the mail grabs attention.”

Request referrals. 

LinkedIn is a goldmine for networking. When you link with your college roommate on LinkedIn, do a little research and find out who they might know that you would like to meet. 

Asking for a referral opens the door to other opportunities. If you feel comfortable enough to ask for an introduction, you’ll be surprised to find out how many people ask for reciprocation. 

By being specific about the people you’d like to meet, you’re showing your friends and family the type of clients you want, which could lead to others. Referrals and networking open the doors to more and more opportunities. It’s the best possible customer acquisition opportunity out there. 

At Normandy Insurance, we want to help independent agents get ahead. Check back weekly for marketing tips and advice on growing your insurance business. If you’re writing workers’ comp or general liability, why not send us a submission to 

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