How to Attract Daycares to Your Workers' Comp Business

December 7, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
How to Attract Daycares to Your Workers' Comp Business

When you think of daycares, you may not realize the importance of that kind of business having workers’ comp, but working in a daycare can be physically demanding. Here's how to market your workers’ comp business to attract daycares. 

Reach Out to Daycares Directly

Many daycare centers and employees don't have much time during the work day to research you or seek you out, so you’ll need to go to them. Taking care of a group of young children is an attention-demanding job, so it may be best to set up a time to come in and meet with the owner or manager. Bringing in bagels and coffee will help you be seen in the best light right from the get-go.

Explain Why Workers' Comp is Necessary

Daycare workers are often not given the respect they deserve for how physically demanding their job is. When reaching out, tell them about the hazards that are in a daycare center, like falls and sprains. You may not have a lot of time, so have statistics in your presentation, along with the prices they’ll pay in workers’ compensation versus how much they’ll pay in legal fees and hospital bills without workers’ comp coverage. 

Know Your Demographics

Knowing the demographics of daycare employees is vital to marketing yourself to them. People working in daycare centers are almost always women, and the median age is 36. Around half have a degree, but the average salary is quite low: $24,230 a year. 

Many women take jobs in a daycare as their first job, or their first job after starting a family. Lower salaries can be offset by good benefits, including workers’ comp. By explaining the cost of replacing employees that leave due to a lack of benefits, you will be helping them understand the return on their investment.

Try Smart Advertising

Based on the daycare demographics, local family magazines would be a great place to advertise your business. There are also Facebook groups and social media pages that could have useful information about where to target your business to people working in daycares. 

Know the Law

It should go without saying that knowing the legal requirements in your area, as they pertain to workers’ comp, is imperative. Provide a simple explanation of the legal requirements to the business owner, so that they know the dangers of going uncovered. It can come across poorly (almost as a threat) to have to lay out the laws, so just a quick overview would be enough. 

Normandy offers multiple lines of insurance for daycare, including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, and Property. We have a library of marketing materials to help you reach out, and this weekly blog will keep you up to date with the latest ways to build leads lists, reach new client bases, and close more deals. 

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