How To Attract Freight Forwarding Clients

March 8, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
How To Attract Freight Forwarding Clients

With global trade increasing daily, the freight forwarder network is quickly expanding around the world. Work in this industry comes with a host of possibilities and uncertainties. Having adequate insurance during operations - especially during unexpected circumstances and accidents that lead to damages and financial loss - is a priority for many.

That's where insurance agents like you come in. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to land freight forwarding clients.

Research Your Competition & Set Yourself Apart

The market can have a significant impact on your freight forwarding sales performance. Because of this, it's important to stay on top of all of the transportation and logistics market's current affairs to allow for quick adaptations of your services that will keep your organization competitive. 

For example, you can start by analyzing other providers in your area and use this knowledge to determine what elements of your service you can improve to make your business more competitive, e.g., service quality or pricing.

Make Long-Term Connections With Your Customers

You might believe that selling more means broadening your customer base. However, your present clients may provide a significant portion of your new business opportunities, so it's important not to settle once a lead has been converted into a customer.

Instead, try establishing a strong, long-term relationship with those you already work with. Let them know you're always available if they need help, and they'll continue to rely on you. If you're lucky, they might even suggest your business to others.

Utilize Digital Marketing Methods

Many traditional freight forwarders insurance providers have underestimated the value of digital marketing methods for generating leads and are still concentrating on often limited offline techniques.

Email marketing is currently one of the most popular and powerful digital tools available to business owners wishing to expand. If you can build a strong email database, you can provide valuable content to your potential clients that will lead them to your website and ultimately to purchase your services. Many platforms, such as MailChimp, make it very simple to construct and design email marketing campaigns along with ways to stay compliant (there are regulations on cold emails that must be followed), so consider choosing one of these platforms when beginning your email campaigns.

And let's not forget about social media. Developing a strong social media presence, preferably on a platform most commonly used by your customers, is essential to achieve greater results in the digital marketing environment. Start working on cleaning up your business page, provide strong visual content tailored to your customers' needs, interact with those in the freight forwarding field, and you'll quickly see results!

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