Landscapers Are Looking For You This Month!

March 22, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Landscapers Are Looking For You This Month!

Owners of landscaping businesses have many responsibilities that keep them busy in the spring including taking care of day-to-day operations, maintaining expensive equipment, upholding numerous contractual requirements, and ensuring employees are well-protected. Each of these responsibilities has one thing in common - they all require insurance.

From small residential gardens to large-scale commercial landscaping, every landscape gardener knows that no two jobs are the same. Mistakes happen, equipment gets damaged, and there’s also a risk of damaging property or an injury. Business insurance for landscape gardeners can help take away the stress when the unexpected happens and allows landscapers to get on with their work, knowing they are covered.

Workers’ Comp insurance is an absolute necessity when dealing with busy schedules, expectant clients, and employees moving from project to project. Workers’ Comp takes away some stress for company owners, so they can keep businesses running smoothly after an accident or unforeseen event.

At Normandy Insurance Company, we pride ourselves on the personal touch and fast turnaround for our workers' comp claims we can provide to our deserving clients. If you are interested in our services or writing with us, please check out our home page for more details:

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