Leverage LinkedIn to Discover New Clients

June 1, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Leverage LinkedIn to Discover New Clients

With more than 774 Million users, LinkedIn is the social media platform every agent needs to learn. Recently, the Normandy team hosted a webinar to help agents understand some of the ways to use LinkedIn to reach new clients and get more exposure for an insurance business. 

Below you can watch the webinar and gather all the tips firsthand, or scroll down for an overview: 

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Use the same headshot throughout your marketing, including your LinkedIn profile. Using the same photo helps people to recognize you and build a connection between your name and face. This will help you when you meet in person or over a Zoom call. 
  • Use your headline for more than just your title. Using a descriptive phrase that showcases how you can help clients will help you stand out. 
  • Ask for recommendations. Sending one request each week for a recommendation will help you to build a good list that shows 
  • Create a custom URL to easily share your profile with others. 

For more details on these tips, please visit www.youtube.com/embed/nn0z5Ygahhc

Content Strategy Tips

  • Post to LinkedIn 2-5 times weekly. Always post content that is valuable, rather than trying to post more often than necessary. 
  • Use hashtags to get more views. Three hashtags on your status updates can help you be seen by more Linkedin users. 

Make Connections

There are many ways to make connections using LinkedIn: 

  • Ask for the connection. You can simply request to be connected with someone, but LinkedIn would prefer that you send a message with your request. Our email template folder includes a template for making new LinkedIn connections. You can download that folder here: https://www.normandyins.com/agent-marketing-resources
  • Follow recommendations. Once you have connected with someone, LinkedIn will recommend others that could be good connections. The more people you connect with, the better these recommendations will get as LinkedIn starts to learn what’s important to you. This is why it’s important to make the right connections, not just any connections. 

Looking For More LinkedIn Tips? 

The full webinar has more tips to help you engage with potential customers, to help you reach more people, and make more connections. Watch now, or save this URL for future viewing! 

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