Make Hiring Easier For Your Clients

February 22, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Make Hiring Easier For Your Clients

We’ve all heard it: there is a shortage of workers right now. As the world continues to get pummeled with variants of COVID-19, employees are claiming burn out and fears to return to work in person. In a survey, 80% of companies seeking manual labor are having trouble finding new employees in comparison to 74% before the pandemic. Not only were employees uncomfortable in their work environments, but 55% of employees also reported an increase in general burnout. Who else could assuage the fears and struggles of potential job applicants than workers’ compensation insurance agents!

If we want to help our clients to grow during a difficult time, we need to help them hire and onboard new employees faster.

Let’s see how we can help the hiring process…

Lay Out the Facts

Applicants need straight facts when applying to their next job. Insurance talk is always overwhelming, especially workers’ comp. The best thing we can do for our clients’ potential employees is to clarify what is offered. For example, Normandy Insurance offers a straightforward FAQ on our website. We break down what is and isn’t covered by our workers’ compensation insurance. Provide the facts without weighing it all down with unnecessary jargon.

Make It Easy

Our society is obsessed with convenient technology. A Google search, an app, a website: you always want to be at someone’s fingertips. Whether it’s figuring out a policy or submitting a claim, we need to make it as easy as possible for our client’s employees. Nothing is easier than opening an app or flicking to a website. If you need an example, Normandy Insurance provides a step-by-step process on how to make a claim, but we also list our phone number, email address, and a link to our app.

Make It Convenient

Technology is great, but employees can still be inconvenienced. Work with your clients to pinpoint the most convenient locations for drug testing and clinics. Convenient clinics near the client’s location are great, but you might also want to reach out to other areas for a wider net. Potential employees might live 30 minutes or more away from their work, and then there are the employees that work onsite, even further from the corporate office. Again, you want to help provide convenience for the actual workers.

Before the pandemic, people might not have worried about their workers’ comp benefits. However, in this world now full of uncertainty, workers’ comp is more important than ever. If our clients want to hire more employees, they need to be more transparent about their policies. However, it’s up to us to clarify and make our policies convenient for their potential applicants.

Our clients are just as much partners as they are consumers of our services. Without them, we are nothing. As a workers’ comp insurance company, we pride ourselves on a fast response to workers' comp claims while giving the personal touch clients deserve.

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