Summer Industries That Need Workers' Compensation

July 12, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Summer Industries That Need Workers' Compensation

Summer might be a slower time for most businesses, but certain seasonal businesses rely on the summer to make most of their annual earnings. Whether you are reading this before summer starts, in the midst of the season, or after, you should still consider reaching out to these businesses. When a business ramps up for one season, you can be sure they are looking for ways to save money and guarantee safety. 

Here are some suggestions for summer businesses that would appreciate a quote for workers’ comp or general liability insurance:

Fence contractors

In the summer, everyone spends time outside. Fence contractors are in demand, especially coming from a booming house market where people are settling into new homes and after all the COVID-puppy purchases

Pool contractors

Few businesses are busier than pool contractors in the summer.
In the midst of summer 2022, pool contractors are working their way through extensive wait lists of homeowners that placed an order. They are also concerned about the high costs of materials, and the difficulty getting employees. For these reasons, right now is a great time to reach out and offer an insurance quote. You may need to follow up and remain patient while they continue to manage stress, but it could be worth your time in the long run. 


Landscapers deal with changing conditions all year and have to adjust to fit the weather at a moment’s notice. Summer is a time when they may be looking at temporary employees to keep up with the more basic tasks. The nature (pardon the pun) of their business requires personalized service and this is a great sales tactic for independent agents.

Landscapers tend to be quieter in the afternoons and on those days immediately following a big rain. Consider reaching out to them during these quieter times.  

Country Clubs

Between the pool, weddings, and golf courses, country clubs are buzzing in the summer! Like landscapers, country clubs often hire seasonal help and could use a personalized approach to their workers’ comp plan. 

Hotel / Motels

The hotel industry is in the midst of a change. After Airbnb and its competitors took so much of the tourism industry during COVID, hotels are starting to bounce back. More cities are clamping down on zoning laws that limit short-term rentals. As the hotel industry bounces back, they will be looking to hire more and it’s a great time to provide a quote. 


Normandy Insurance is now underwriting yacht insurance. This is another summer industry that is booming! Yachts used for charter often move to different locations depending on the weather. So, no matter if they are in the Caribbean, the Mid-Atlantic, or the Mediterranean, these clients will definitely need the personalized service that you can offer. 

At Normandy Insurance, we want to help independent agents get ahead. Check back weekly for our marketing tips and advice on growing your insurance business. If you’re writing workers’ comp, yacht insurance, or general liability, make sure you add Normandy Insurance Company to your portfolio of options. Get appointed with us or send us a submission to

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