Workers' Comp for Restaurants

September 7, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Workers' Comp for Restaurants

Restaurants are a hotbed for accidents. In 2020, there were 175,900 reported non-fatal injuries in restaurants, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Considering this is the same year that restaurants were forced to shut down for most of the year, you can imagine that restaurants are a leading place for workers’ comp claims. 

The sheer number of claims is not the only reason why insurance agents should consider building a client list of restaurants. 

Restaurants Have High Turnover

“The restaurant industry has an astronomical amount of turnover, with data showing an average churn of around 75% - a percentage that has been rising following the pandemic. This is more than 1.5x compared to all private sector workers (where turnover is around 46%).” (

With such high turnover, and possibly seasonal highs and lows, a  restaurant’s workers’ compensation policy may fluctuate throughout the year. Having a trusted insurance advisor is essential. That’s where you come in! 

Restaurant Owners Are Often Small Business Owners

Speaking of becoming an essential advisor, most restaurants are small businesses. According to the National Restaurant Association

  • More than 9 in 10 restaurants have fewer than 50 employees
  • More than 7 in 10 restaurants are single-unit operations

The industry is fast-paced, exciting, and complex. Restaurant owners need to make connections that are looking out for them. Using your expertise to help them run their business or save money can build loyalty that could lead to more business for both of you!

Did you know: restaurant owners can generally deduct their workers’ compensation on their federal taxes?

Successful Restaurants Often Open New Locations

More business for your clients means more business for you! If you can help save money for your clients, make running the business easier, and perhaps even bring them business, your restaurant client could open a second location. And guess who will be the insurance agent? 

Restaurants Are Also Networking Hotbeds

On the positive side, by supporting your client’s business, you are also getting in front of others in your area. It’s a natural way to network and gain more business! Once you have your first restaurant client, consider hosting a networking happy hour there. 

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