Workers' Comp for Staffing Agencies

April 20, 2022


Rebecca Batisto
Workers' Comp for Staffing Agencies

Staffing companies ordinarily provide workers’ compensation for all employees even though most of their employees are working at a third-party site, and many of those employees are short-term or temporary employees. As you can imagine, workers’ comp for staffing agencies can become more difficult than workers’ comp for other companies. Luckily, Normandy Insurance has you covered!

We are now writing policies for staffing companies through our partnership with Specialty Risk Partners. We cover many industries, including some of the more complex industries, such as construction, agriculture, warehouse and distribution, and industrial. 

Staffing Companies! Here are the benefits of using Normandy for your workers’ comp

Normandy has a stellar reputation for customer service and this reputation has clearly served us well. This may not come across as altogether humble, but we are proud to show off how we have grown over the past several years. 

We are now offering workers’ comp and general liability insurance in 17 states, so your business can grow with us. We are masters at networking and we offer opportunities to learn how to grow your business through marketing on our blog each week. 

We have expanded our services to include more lines of insurance, often partnering with experts because we only want to provide you with the very best in business service. This means you can deal with one team for many of your insurance needs. As I mentioned, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer experience, so you can build the type of relationship with your agent that makes doing business easier. 

We also understand the importance of working with multiple parties when you’re a staffing agency. There are the candidates, the clients, and the internal employees. When an accident happens, we are able to work with all parties to ensure the simplest process possible. 

Interested in learning more about our workers’ comp offerings? Get in touch with us today for a quote:

Insurance Agents! Here are the benefits of offering workers’ comp to staffing agencies.

The true benefit of working with staffing agencies is the sheer volume of work. Pre-pandemic, there were about 25,000 staffing and recruiting companies, which altogether operate around 49,000 offices. By gaining a foothold in the staffing industry, you will never be short of customers.

In addition, staffing agencies serve different industries and that provides room for growth for any aspiring insurance agents. Imagine that you earn the business of a staffing agency in the construction industry. Now, you have the ability to look for new business within staffing and construction thanks to your experience. 

Ready to submit an application? Get started by clicking here.

If you’d like to know how to attract new clients in the staffing industry, stay tuned! In next week’s blog, we will provide tips on attracting and working with staffing agencies. 

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