Back to Work: How to Help an Employee Return After Recovering from an Injury

December 4, 2018


Rebecca Batisto
Back to Work: How to Help an Employee Return After Recovering from an Injury

When it comes to workplace injuries, having an insurance agent that goes the extra mile to walk a business owner through the process, makes all the difference. Many agents find themselves playing a passive role but being more hands-on with your clients will boost your credibility and could lead to further business through referrals.

Here’s how you, the insurance agent, can help to make a near seamless transition, guiding all parties (medical providers, employers, and the injured) back to work safely and quickly.

Make sure employee classifications are correct.

A clerical employee with a low workers’ comp rate, for example, if misclassified with a higher rate, will cause costs to skyrocket. With proper citation, you can ensure the employer won’t pay more than is owed in the long run. Often, insurance agents adopt classifications from previous claims, but just because classifications were previously made, doesn’t always make them right. Think of this as be an opportunity to double check.

Work closely with a chosen network of physicians.

Set up relationships with experts in occupational medicine and explain the nature of the company in question in tandem with employer expectations around job performance. This way when injuries occur, you have a recommendation lined up and recovery can be streamlined, cost-effective, and much faster.

Prevent injuries before they happen.

Sounds easier said than done, but a good insurance agent works with employers to target bottlenecks. Have a step-by-step onboarding process when it comes to your workers’ compensation policy. Following a routine and using a standard list of questions might uncover any problem areas and could help to estimate the likelihood of injury before accidents occur.

Act as a translator.

Insurance speak is not layman’s speak. The gap between understanding coverage terms and actually capitalizing on those options is wide and vast. When coverage is puzzling, even daunting, your mediation skills help employers see the forest through the trees.

Set a follow up schedule for the employer.

It’s a fact… the longer a worker is away the less likely they are to return to work. So, how do we get an employee back to work as soon as possible without pushing them too much? Most doctors will offer a schedule for returning to work after an injury. With that in mind, provide your client with a schedule to check-in with their employee to make sure the schedule is working, and they are settling back in without issue.

At Normandy Insurance Company, cost-effective, professional workers’ compensation claims management is the goal. We work with insurance agents in high-risk industries as well as those not generally considered high-risk. We have created appropriate treatment programs to ensure injured employees receive appropriate, cost-effective care and that fewer dollars are spent on hiring and training permanent or temporary replacements for injured workers.

We will look at all of your options thoroughly and customize plans to fit every unique situation.

Contact Normandy Insurance Company to learn more.

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