Five New Year's Resolutions For Business Owners

January 2, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
Five New Year's Resolutions For Business Owners

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on what went well and not so well in the preceding year. Individuals do it, and so should businesses. It’s a good time to examine some of the mistakes we’ve made and learn from them. It’s also a good time to create some goals to help your business grow and, in turn, increase success. Here are five suggestions for resolutions you may want to adopt for your business in the New Year.

Prioritize Balance.

When you’re running a business – especially a small business – it’s easy to convince yourself you need to manage every task yourself. But at the end of the day, you’re low on energy and have no time for anything else. A healthy work-life balance is crucial to success. No one person can really do it all. You may have heard it said: Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, or Friends: Pick three. If you want to work and spend time with your family and friends, you don’t really have time for sleep or fitness. Likewise, if you want to work, sleep, and be fit, you may not find time for your family or friends. You get to choose your priorities.

Leave What Isn’t Working in the Past.

If something is not effective, change it. Just because it’s the way you’ve always done things or the way others do it, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing them that way. Take a close look at the products and services you provide. If something you offer isn’t bringing in money or isn’t generating enough money to make it worth your time, let it go. The same thing goes for technology. If your software isn’t working for you, look for something that does.

Improve Your Digital Presence.

Your online presence is the sum of everything your business offers. It helps current and potential clients learn anything they need to know about you. Ten years ago, all you really needed was a website with a few HTML pages. Having that now will get you lost in the crowd. Successful businesses use several tools in conjunction, including websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, and more. These tools can greatly improve your company’s digital presence, helping to establish you as an authority in your industry.

Give Back to Your Community.

Of course, one reason many businesses donate time or money to their communities is for tax benefits. Beyond that though, it’s great publicity and a chance to promote your brand, often for free. Local papers like to print stories of CEOs presenting checks, and charities often recognize donors on their printed materials. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for networking when you and your employees volunteer. Consider donating to a food bank, giving a portion of your sales for a specific period to a charity, or even sponsoring a local little league baseball team.

Make 2019 the Year of the Customer.

How well do you know the people who spend their hard-earned money on your business? It’s essential for any business to understand its customers. It increases trust and loyalty, which means repeat business and recommendations. Understanding your customers will help build rapport, and raise your sales and profits. Do you know why your customers choose you over your competition? Or how they discovered your business? Are they satisfied with the job you’re doing? Make 2019 the year of the customer. Communicate with them. Ask for their feedback. And then use that feedback to give them an even better experience with your business.

At Normandy Insurance, we understand the importance of customer service. And whether you have or whether you haven’t had a pleasant experience with us in 2018, we want to know about it so we can make sure 2019 is even better! Contact us directly to let us know what we can do for you.

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