Four Things Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in February

February 6, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
Four Things Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in February

As a workers’ compensation insurance agent, you probably have a calendar of some kind, be it paper or digital. And you likely have some goals, which may or may not be written down on that calendar. Whether stated or not, one of your goals is undoubtedly to grow your business in 2019. To do that, you have to take care of your clients. Here are four suggestions you might add to your February calendar to help you do just that.

Annual Coverage Review.

It’s in your clients’ best interest if you review their coverage every year and now is a good time. Remind them your agency is available to help with analysis and planning so they are able to receive the best deals possible. There are changes to coverage every year. For example, in Florida, regulators improved a 13.8-percent decrease in workers’ compensation rates for 2019. And, that decrease is in line with trends in other states.

Talk to your clients about addiction in the workplace.

Safety experts are warning about an increasing epidemic of using while on the job. According to government statistics, fatal overdoses at work are rising at shocking rates. Overall, the workplace is actually safer than it has been but, for the fifth year in a row, unintentional overdoses due to nonmedical use of drugs or alcohol increased by more than 25% in 2017. Experts suggest employers train supervisors and employees to recognize the signs of drug addiction and be sure their health plans cover substance abuse.

Embrace Technology.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to welcome the digital age. We live in a 24/7 world, and clients expect to be able to reach you at any moment of the day or night. Your customers demand you use the basic digital tools such as email, websites, and social media. If you’re not already doing these things, spend an hour each day learning how to use these tools and implementing them into your practice.

Invest in sales training.

Understand that, as an insurance agent, you’re primarily a salesperson. A good salesperson can become a trusted advisor and help clients make educated decisions. Take advantage of sales training opportunities in your community or through industry associations, and if you’re just getting started, learn how to address common objections.

At Normandy Insurance, our mission is to provide workers’ compensation insurance with ease and convenience. Our exemplary agent relationships lead to an ease of doing business, with excellent commission rates. Agents enjoy a supportive environment to service their client base. Reach out today to learn more.

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