What All Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in May

May 1, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
What All Insurance Agents Should Be Doing in May

Lots of people discount the merry month of May as a sort of limbo between the spring and the summer. It isn’t quite as hot as June/July, but you’re leaving the rain of March/April behind. For kids, there is still a whole month before summer vacation. So, many people just look at May as something to “get through.”

But not us. While there isn’t usually a lot of excitement in May, it is the perfect time to do some prep to carry you through the rest of the year and beyond. This could include setting up systems for your taxes, automating tasks on your computer, or simply making sure that any summer fun is booked and ready to go!

Get Set for the Following Year’s Tax Season

One of the best parts of heading into the summer is that you know the tax season is finally over. Even if you finished them way ahead of time, it’s comforting to know that you won’t have to worry about taxes for another year. But if you want to take some steps to make sure that the beginning of next year isn’t a mad dash to find receipts and get everything organized, then you might want to do a little bit of work in May.

This can include putting together a new organizational system to make sure everything is exactly where you will expect it to be next May. You probably aren’t relying on the “shoebox” system for your business, but if you are used to just shoving your receipts into a shoebox for your personal life, you might want to invest in a series of 12 monthly envelopes instead!

Another reason why you might want to do some tax prep immediately after you’ve filed is that everything is still fresh in your mind. If you experienced any difficulties getting your taxes filed, then you can take steps to mitigate those headaches for next year. Trust us; your future self will thank you!

Of course, this is assuming you’re a W2 employee. If you’re an independent contractor/1099 employee, you’re probably filing quarterly taxes. If that is the case, you’ll want to make sure you have everything properly sorted before you file your earnings again at the end of the next quarter.

Automate Your Computer Maintenance

A few months ago, we mentioned spring cleaning as something that every insurance agent should do in March. A good portion of this post was about tidying up files and folders on your computer. Rather than having to do this every year, why not set up some automated processes that will take care of it for you?

One thing that you can do is automate many of the “spring cleaning” tasks throughout the year so you won’t have to worry about it next spring. For example, download a hard drive backup program that will automatically sync your files, so you’ll always have a safe copy available. Make sure that your computer automatically runs a virus scan every week (or day, if you’re serious about security). You can also get a jumpstart on reducing your business’ electric bill by setting up smart power options that will turn off your computer when no one is using it.

Get Prepped for the Summer

The summer can sneak up on you when you’re busy at work. For example, have you ever found yourself sitting in a sweltering office, sweating, wondering why you didn’t bother to replace the air conditioning after it broke last September? It’s a common problem!

Getting prepped for the summertime is something that everyone, including insurance agents, should do in May. If you are planning a family trip (or a work-related one), then plane tickets and hotels will only be getting more expensive from this point onward. If you need a new AC, now is the time to invest in one, rather than when the weather starts to get hot and sticky.

This is also a good time of year to talk to your clients about any summer seasonal workers they may be hiring. Review their policies and ensure their coverage will meet their needs should they have plans to increase their workforce over the summer months.

Instead of looking at May as a write-off, you should be looking at it as a month of preparation for what’s to come. That way, you’ll end up having a super productive month that will set you up for the summer and beyond! And if you’re looking to improve things at your agency, we have you covered at Normandy Insurance. If you want quick turnarounds, combative commissions, and common-sense underwriting, we’re the insurance company for you!

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