When Work Isn't A Walk In The Park (Avoiding Foot And Ankle Injuries)

By Rebecca Batisto

When Work Isn't A Walk In The Park (Avoiding Foot And Ankle Injuries)

On most days, we take our feet for granted. We stand on them, we walk on them, we shove them into heels and tight shoes, and we work on them. Still, there are more than 60,000 foot injuries each year that are severe enough to keep people home from work.

Even desk jobs can result in foot injuries, but several occupations have more than their fair share of foot and ankle claims.


Considered one of the most dangerous jobs, construction work sees a high volume of foot, ankle, and leg injuries. Workers are not only on their feet throughout their shift, but they are also working in tight spaces, moving heavy materials, and walking on unfinished surfaces.


From working on vehicles to loading trucks to driving long distances, workers are susceptible to hurting their feet and ankles. In addition to working with heavy objects, drivers experience weakening muscles because they sit for long periods which make their feet and ankles vulnerable.

Service And Retail

Workers in service and retail spend long hours on their feet as part of their job. Besides helping customers, they may also be responsible for stocking shelves, receiving shipments, and handling other heavy objects. This situation places them in a precarious position when it comes to potential injuries.

Fitness And Sports

Workers who are in physical occupations where they are training, coaching, or teaching people in sports and fitness are prone to foot and ankle injuries. Not only are they on their feet most of the day, but they are also often demonstrating or participating in the activity they teach.

So, How Do We Prevent Foot Injuries?

While injuries may not always be avoidable, there are precautions you can take to lessen the chance of foot and ankle injuries.

Make sure your organization is covered in case of foot and ankle injuries as well as other workplace incidents. We can support you in determining the appropriate amount of workers compensation coverage as well as processes in the workplace. Contact us today!



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