What To Do In October: An Insurance Agent's Checklist

October 16, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
What To Do In October: An Insurance Agent's Checklist

Pumpkin spice season is underway which means the holidays will be here before we know it. Why does this matter? Because companies are in full swing this month but will become distracted by holidays starting in mid-November. In other words, this month is the best time to invest in key client relationships.

Follow Up On Your Follow Up

September’s checklist reminded you to follow up with clients who were just back from summer fun and beginning to plan for their budgeting season. If you haven’t closed the loop or conducted a review of their workers’ compensation needs, now is the time. Contact clients and prospects who are still reviewing your proposals and schedule meetings to answer any questions or concerns they may still have.

Reach out to clients who will be coming up for renewal now through January. The holidays can be messy with people taking time off for family and travel and you don’t want to postpone getting a final signature because someone is out of the office until the new year. Encourage clients and prospects to sign now to avoid delays.

Focus On A Few

Everyone has some client relationships that are more important than others. Many of us even have a few large clients that make up the majority of our business. Use this month to meet with these VIP clients in person - perhaps over dinner or an event. As soon as Thanksgiving arrives, calendars begin to fill with social obligations and you may have trouble getting a meeting.

Get Ahead Of The Holidays

It’s also not too soon to start thinking about holiday greetings be they digital holiday cards or mailed salutations. You will want to start updating your contacts now so it’s not a mad rush in November. If you or your clients are able to send/receive gifts, start planning those too. Just be aware of spending limits or other restrictions so as not to put you or your client in an awkward situation.

Increase Customer Service

Make a concerted effort to truly comprehend your clients’ businesses and challenges. It’s essential for any business to understand its customers. This sincere knowledge increases trust and loyalty, which means repeat business and recommendations. Understanding your customers will help build rapport, and raise your sales.

How can you get to know your clients better? Do you know why your clients chose you over the competition? Are they satisfied with the job you’re doing? Don’t be afraid to ask your clients what you can do to improve. The open conversation, plus the feedback, will provide you with an opportunity to give them an even better experience going forward.

Make the most out of the time between summer’s end and the holiday season to improve your client relationships. Normandy Insurance puts our clients first, so if you need support we’re here to help! Contact us today!

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