What You Need To Know About Insurance In 2020

October 23, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
What You Need To Know About Insurance In 2020

As we move to the end of one decade and the beginning of another, let’s look at some of the trends impacting the workforce and therefore workers’ compensation coverage in 2020.

The Good News

First, the positive trend is that workplace injuries are down across the board. The increase of automation in manufacturing, improved policies and procedures, plus medical advances have all contributed to lower workers’ compensation claims overall. Employers still need to be vigilant, however, if this trend is to continue. Further, it doesn’t change the need for workers’ compensation coverage so employers may need to understand the potential risks within their environment.

Weather And Mental On The Rise

Weather-related injuries, as well as PTSD claims, are on the rise. Weather catastrophes, school incidents, and workplace violence claims ticked upward as well as claims from first responders within these categories. Workplace violence is now the third-leading cause of fatal occupational incidents in the country.

Workplace homicide is not the only issue. Also affecting workers’ compensation programs are sexual harassment claims, patient attacks on healthcare workers, and mass casualty events. In 2020 employers will have different challenges in creating a safe working environment for employees.

Opioid Epidemic

Because workplace injuries are often treated with pain management, addiction to opioids is an increasing issue within companies and therefore on workers’ compensation claims. Continued education on this national crisis is key to avoiding issues in the workplace.

Legalization Of Marijuana

With more states legalizing marijuana, it becomes more challenging for companies to determine if employees are fit to operate heavy machinery or if they are too impaired to conduct their job safely. Companies will have to invest significant resources to adapt to these changing times.

Data Breaches And Cyberthreats

Hackers will continue to break into company and healthcare data, possibly stealing information directly related to workers’ compensation information. Companies will continue to battle these threats as technology on all sides become more sophisticated.

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