Mistakes Managers Make When Reporting Injuries

November 19, 2019


Rebecca Batisto
Mistakes Managers Make When Reporting Injuries

When an accident occurs in the workplace, it’s often a stressful situation for everyone involved. If the injury is severe, there could be so much focus on the injured worker that procedures take a back seat and reporting mistakes can happen.

Mistake Number One: Under-Reporting

Whether you are trying to be efficient and concise or you’d rather not divulge all the details of an incident, under-reporting can lead to problems in the future. Managers should always include pertinent facts around every incident and follow all procedures laid out by the company. Details that may not seem important at the moment could prove vital in the weeks following the injury.

Mistake Number Two: Jumping To Conclusions

It’s tempting to try to determine what went wrong to cause the accident and then fill in the missing pieces on your own. However, managers need to resist this temptation and focus on the facts as they know them and as witnesses share. Jumping to conclusions may hinder any follow-up investigation or slow closure of the accident.

Mistake Number Three: Cutting Corners

It may seem as though there are too many steps in the company’s injury reporting process but skipping steps can jeopardize the employee’s claim or put the company at risk in an investigation. Managers must respect the entire process and go through each step methodically to ensure everyone is protected and the employee receives the care they deserve.

Mistake Number Four: Not Logging Near Misses

A manager might be relieved when an accident doesn’t happen, and that is good news; however, it’s important that “near misses” be reported according to the company’s processes in order to capture important trends that may help to avoid real injury in the future.

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