Insurance Agents: How To Attract Automotive Repair Clients

January 2, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
Insurance Agents: How To Attract Automotive Repair Clients

Automotive mechanics are exposed to many hazards in the workplace during the ordinary course of business. Mechanics work with chemicals and heavy equipment, walk on slippery floors, and lift heavy objects regularly, all of which put them at greater risk of an on-the-job injury.

Because their employees are at higher risk of a serious injury that could result in medical bills, lost wages, and potential legal action, operators of automotive repair shops should be protected with workers’ compensation coverage specific to their business.

Do Your Research

Given the working environment, auto repair centers are logical targets for selling workers’ compensation coverage. Repair shop revenues continue to rise as Americans are holding onto their vehicles longer. There are differences in the services auto repair shops offer, and that can impact the type of heavy equipment they own and operate. Here are a few tips for approaching an auto repair shop:

● Auto repair shops can be individually or family-owned, or they can be affiliated with a larger car group or dealership. Conduct some online research to learn more about the shops in your area and which ones might make good prospects. Most shops specialize, and some repair centers work exclusively with insurance claims.

● Familiarize yourself with the coverages an auto repair shop likely has in place and where their existing policies may fall short. Be prepared to educate garage owners as to the benefits of workers’ compensation insurance and how it compliments their other policies.

● Offer to conduct a review of the auto repair shop’s existing coverages. Many small businesses do not conduct annual reviews of their insurance needs, so you may be able to save them money by switching.

Talk with Normandy Insurance about how workers’ compensation insurance can be applied to the automotive industry. Your agent can support you in targeting this market opportunity. Contact us today!

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