What To Do In January: An Insurance Agent's Checklist

January 8, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
What To Do In January: An Insurance Agent's Checklist

As you kick off the new year, you’re probably making resolutions for yourself, but what about your business? If you want 2020 to be a record year for your business, you might consider making these five resolutions for growth.

Start A Newsletter

Resolve to improve your client outreach this year. Compile industry updates and trends to share with clients regularly. Clients typically don’t have the time to keep up with changes to workers’ compensation on their own and will appreciate the value you bring. You can do something as simple as a regular email or a more structured electronic newsletter.

Strive For Innovation

Many clients may believe that workers’ compensation insurance is all the same, but the best agents are proactive and are one step ahead of their clients’ needs. Knowing your clients’ goals and challenges create opportunities for growth.

Invest In Relationships

Even when clients buy coverage, they are really purchasing from another person, and the decision is primarily based on the relationship. Developing a rapport with the people in your client companies is an investment that pays when it comes to renewals. Make a point to deepen your relationships this year.

Create A Marketing Plan

Identify the clients you would like to add to your portfolio or win back, and then create a marketing plan to pursue the business. In addition, identify your “big clients” and make sure you are taking specific actions to cultivate the account regularly.

Become An Advisor

Provide value to your clients so that they see you as an advisor rather than a vendor. Don’t wait until your monthly newsletter to update clients with relevant industry knowledge; send a personal note or reach out by phone should something suitable arise. Use your social media accounts to provide insights and share updates with clients.

Normandy Insurance supports its agents in providing support not only for policies and claims but for business support as well. Contact us for help in growing your workers’ compensation business in 2020.

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