Not Everyone In Your House Is Covered By Your Homeowners' Insurance!

February 11, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
Not Everyone In Your House Is Covered By Your Homeowners' Insurance!

Your nanny steps on a piece of Lego and takes a tumble that results in a broken ankle. The hospital bills for these minor spills catch many homeowners off guard, but not nearly as much as the shock of learning that none of the cost is covered in your homeowner’s policy.

Domestic Employees Are Not Normally Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners’ policies generally include an element of personal liability that covers the homeowner’s family, and in some cases, guests; however, anyone working in your home ¬– whether temporarily, like a house cleaning crew, or full time, such as home healthcare or a nanny – is not ordinarily covered by homeowners’ or an umbrella policy. These gaps in your insurance coverage can cause significant financial setbacks, which increase if you consider not only the medical costs but the wage compensation for which you are now liable. And chances are, while your employee is now recuperating, you still need to pay for help at home.

Workers’ Compensation Pays First

Workers’ comp policies can cover your domestic employees and, as an added benefit, pay first. So, if your home help happens to be driving when an accident occurs, workers’ comp will cover expenses before putting any strain on your auto policy.

Workers’ Compensation Covers Lost Wages

Medical bills are the immediate concern for all parties involved, but workers’ comp goes one step further. After the medical concerns are over, your domestic employee may need to recuperate. If he/she is out of work for more than two weeks, workers’ compensation will provide wage compensation for that time. This helps the employee recover fully, limiting the chances of a recurring medical issue, and allows you the opportunity to afford additional or temporary help in your home.

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