Need New Insurance Clients? Look to the country club!

October 21, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
Need New Insurance Clients? Look to the country club!

Are you currently looking for new insurance clients? Well, it’s time to get a birdie by going after country clubs!

Scotland may be the birthplace of golf, but there’s no denying its popularity here in the United States! In American culture, there are few images as iconic as Tiger Woods winning another PGA Tour, or few movies as hilarious as the classic golf comedy Caddyshack.

Where there is a golf course, there is often a country club. These are big businesses that employ dozens (or even hundreds) of workers, depending on their size. That means there is a real demand for comprehensive and affordable workers’ comp packages.

What’s at a Country Club?

If you aren’t a golfer, you might not be aware of all of the different aspects of a country club’s business. It’s far more than just golf!

Generally, country clubs are exclusive organizations with limited membership, usually of people in the upper-middle to upper-class income range. There are traditionally initiation fees, annual dues, and many additional changes for extra amenities. It’s important to remember that, while country clubs are generally associated with golfing, some of them don’t actually house golf courses.

For many, the appeal of a country club is to play golf, but there are many other aspects of the business, including social clubs, game nights, swimming pools, dining facilities, bars, personal services, and clubhouse use for private events. These demands require most country clubs (especially in larger urban centers) to have extensive staff with experience across several different industries.


Like with all sports, there is an inherent danger included with golfing.

Golfing might be one of the most popular pastimes in the country, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous. Errant shots, thrown clubs, and poorly swing clubs can result in workers’ compensation charges that could badly damage a country club’s bottom line. That is, unless they have insurance!

Though it’s obviously less violent than football or hockey, you can’t be waving a long metal stick around without the possibility of someone getting hurt. And if that someone is a staff member, a country club could be looking at some serious medical bills if they aren’t fully covered by workers’ compensation insurance.


At most country clubs, service is top of mind for the staff and patrons. That includes when they are lounging by the pool.

It’s not difficult to paint a picture where a server could face serious injury while delivering drinks or food to club members. One wrong step in a puddle of water, and they could end up with a head injury or fall directly into the pool itself. Best case, they look a little foolish. Worst case, they get significantly injured. Workers’ comp is the only way to prevent the potential for extensive medical care expenses for employees if they come into a pool-related mishap.

The Kitchen

Many country clubs feature world-class dining rooms with incredible food. That requires them to have fully equipped kitchens with professional chefs, and few places have as many risks of injury as a busy, packed kitchen.

It’s a hot, cramped environment, with the potential for injuries, including accidental knife wounds, burns due to cooking mishaps, or even repetitive injuries sustained due to standing hunched over a stove for hours on end. What’s worse is that many professional chefs work through their injuries, pushing onward to complete the diner service. This dedication, while commendable, can often exacerbate a minor wound into a severe injury.

Seasonal Workers

Depending on where the country club is in the United States, they might be open year-round or seasonally. If it’s the latter, those clubs likely work with seasonal employees, which adds another layer to the liability.

We’ve written about the importance of workers’ compensation for seasonal workers in the past, but to reiterate here…

Seasonal employees often lack the same training and experience as full-time staff members. Because of this, they are statistically more likely to be involved in on-the-job accidents. Practical training should help minimize the risk, as well as hiring people who have the required skills. But even if country clubs do take these steps, workers’ compensation is the only way to be sure that they’re covered in the event of employee accidents.

Other Kinds of Insurance

While we are focusing on workers’ compensation here, there are other kinds of comprehensive insurance that every country club should have on the books.

For example, all of the injuries discussed above could also happen to members and guests. Without insurance, this could quickly turn into massive lawsuits.

Property insurance is also a great idea for country clubs and golf courses, as their land is their most important asset. If damage occurs for any reason, it could result in a loss of revenue, along with the costs of repair.

Country clubs might not be the first place you think of when looking for new insurance clients, but there are dozens of opportunities just waiting for a smart insurance agent. And if you want the inside track to opportunities like these and many others, becoming an agent with Normandy Insurance is your best bet!

We invite you to contact us today to learn how Normandy Insurance can help you grow your client base and become a better, more experienced insurance agent!

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