How To Show Gratitude To Your Insurance Clients Without Breaking the Bank

November 18, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
How To Show Gratitude To Your Insurance Clients Without Breaking the Bank

Who are the only people more important than insurance agents in an insurance agency? The clients. They are the reason why we’re in this business; their support deserves our gratitude.

And there’s plenty of ways to say thank you without breaking the bank. By following our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep that relationship with your client going strong, putting your agency in the best place to pick up any further work. And by showing gratitude, you’re also more likely to get a referral from your clients, creating a snowball to success.

Show Gratitude As Regularly As Possible

Weekly updates will go a long way to highlight your value to clients. If you’re not making contact in person, you need to be showing your employers the work you do. Keeping open and constant communication will reignite your relationship with clients, making them more likely to continue to use your services.

It is critical that you go above and beyond to stay in contact with your base. Clients need to know you’re around to support them, especially now you can’t do this face to face. Our advice: work as hard to keep the client as you did to win them. A newsletter sent over as an email every seven days is a perfect way to say thank you and stay in your client’s inner circle.

Make Random Acts of Kindness A Habit

It’s almost expected now that an agent will send goodwill wishes over the festive period. But what about the rest of the year? If you really want to show gratitude to a client, you’ve got to reach out to them when it’s not expected. Remember birthdays and send a hand-written card rather than a simple, generic email.

Or how about taking them out for lunch or delivering cookies or donuts to their office? Send them occasional event tickets or movie passes. If you want to go above and beyond, you should be showing gratitude. Not because you need to but because you want to. Clients are indeed the lifeblood of business, and they are owed a continuing show of thankfulness.

Create A Customer Referral Program

Referrals can go a long way to help you show gratitude to your clients, while at the same time they work to increase your customer base. Set up a program that encourages clients to refer your agency to their friends and family by sending small giveaways*. Always follow up with a thank you email or letter, providing further information about your services.

You may want to offer a discount for clients who recommend you. Or create a lottery system, giving out monthly low-budget prizes. By spending a small amount of money on them, you incentivize your clients to advertise your business for you.

Make sure you’re offering a good incentive. Sometimes you’ve got to spend a little money to make a lot. Send an email to your happiest customers offering a free $10 gift card if they refer a friend who chooses to work with you. You’ll be surprised by how many take you up on that offer.

Oh, and don’t treat referrals like cold calls! Strike up a much warmer tone. Use the relationship you already have with your referrer, act as if you’re in their inner-circle by treating them as if you’d treat any of your close friends. Try and strike up some common ground; remember when your client mentions their favorite hobby, restaurant, or sports team.

*Be sure to check your state’s regulations regarding incentives for referrals regularly each time you consider a referral campaign.

Showing gratitude to your most important clients is a must for insurance agents at all stages of their careers. If you are looking for even more opportunities, you might want to explore becoming an agent with Normandy Insurance. If you’re interested, drop us a line here!

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