What does it take to be an Insurance Agent?

December 16, 2020


Rebecca Batisto
What does it take to be an Insurance Agent?

If you love helping people and want to enter into a high-paying job market with easy career progression, then being an insurance agent may be for you. But what does it take to be an insurance agent? Well, you’re going to need some qualifications first, backed up by some critical skills to make you successful once you’re qualified.

An insurance agent is responsible for selling different insurance policies to businesses and individuals. An agent provides different insurance strategies, evaluates each client’s individual needs, and then implements the selected proposals. Many agents will specialize in a specific area of insurance. At Normandy Insurance, for example, we work with agents that offer workers’ compensation insurance.

According to Indeed, an agent’s average annual salary is $79,938 per year, ranging from $18,000 to $186,000 per year. Sometimes, successful independent agents make more than those working for a large agency. You’ll need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, as well as an insurance license from your state. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but you are generally required to take a course and pass your state’s licensing exam. You may be required to hold different licenses depending on the industries you practice in. But beyond qualifications, there’s a couple of essential skills all insurance agents must have:

People Skills

The very best agents have a genuine care for their clients. They’ll listen carefully and evaluate what their client has to say; ultimately, it’s all about building trust and knowing your client’s exposures. To maintain a successful, two-way dialogue, any potential agent must have excellent people skills. You’re helping clients with complex tasks that have often kept them awake at night. You need to have the empathy and understanding to be that reassuring pillar throughout your time with your clients.

Excellent Organization

You need to be available when your client needs you. It’s often hard to predict when you’ll get your next call or inquiry from a potential client, but when it happens, you’ll want to be ready to put your best foot forward. Once working for a client, you’ve got to be available to them, and have a good understanding of their business. Ensure you keep on top of all documents and maintain easily accessible workflows for each client, with a productive filing system. An organized agent is a great agent.


Once you’re up and running, being an insurance agent is one of the best jobs available. But every successful agent will tell you: getting to that stage can be incredibly tough. When you first start, you’ve got to have the stamina and persistence to handle rejection. For every door that closes, there’s another one somewhere that opens. Thankfully, Normandy Insurance has plenty of advice on this front. Read our blog How to Find Clients in a New State to learn more.


Working as an agent can be inspiring, but some clients will require a lot from you. Energy won’t be a problem most of the time, as long hours are usually due to an abundance of clients or cases. Still, you’ve got to be committed as an agent, with plenty of fresh energy to bring to an office. The more upbeat you are as a person, the more likely you’ll find success.


The most important skill you’ll need as an insurance agent. You can’t con and hide things from your client in this industry. Honesty, integrity, and trust are what get you client referrals and repeat business.

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