Calendar Events to Remind Clients - How Insurance Agents Can Get Ahead

January 22, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Calendar Events to Remind Clients - How Insurance Agents Can Get Ahead

Imagine how much easier your job would be if you could remind your clients of calendar events with the simple push of a button.

Insurance agents are continually chasing up clients, reconfirming appointments, and double-checking their schedules. But thankfully, there are now several applications out there that will sync up your calendars and send pre-written alerts and info to clients ahead of a meeting.

At Normandy Insurance, we think every tech-savvy insurance agent should be using an appointment reminder service to notify clients of their calendar events. You’ll save time and money, reassured that things are being taken care of behind the scenes. At the same time, your clients will be satisfied with your easy-to-access reminders that will keep them in the loop.

Here’s why our team at Normandy Insurance thinks you should become a calendar pro, along with everything you need to know about how the software works.

Why Use Reminders for Calendar Events?

As an insurance agent, it’s vital that you stay organized. Not only will it help improve your productivity, but as most clients come through referrals, you must go above and beyond on your current tasks to prove yourself. You want to be consistently giving the impression to your existing clients that you are ahead of the game, effortlessly able to handle your entire caseload.

An appointment reminder through a smart calendar will assist you in doing just that. You will build trust with your clients by being in constant contact, without worrying about typing up text messages and emails to send at key moments during your workday. Instead, you can schedule apps to send your reminders to go out the best moments. Your automated posts can also be sent as reminders ahead of important meetings, which will cut down on no-shows.

The app GoReminders calculated that their calendar reminder application saves its clients an average of 33 minutes per day or just under four hours per week. Imagine what you could get done with all that time saved, not having to chase clients or worry about sending them another reminder message.

How Do Insurance Appointment Reminders Work?

Think of a calendar app like a super-smart appointment book. You schedule a client’s call or meeting, and the app stores that data. Now the app can share that with your clients’ Google calendar. If it has their email address and phone number, it can send them an alert via text or email confirming their time and reminding them of the appointment.

Some apps will even let you personalize these messages and their frequency. We’d recommend three messages; one a couple of days before a meeting, the next the day before, and the last one on the morning of your appointment. Some apps will also let your clients respond to these messages to confirm or cancel an appointment ahead of time.

These smart calendars automatically sync across devices. If you add a new meeting on your phone, it will appear instantly on your office computer. There’s no need for a second calendar or entering in events more than once. Everything is taken care of across the cloud.

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In our eyes, sending your clients reminders ahead of important dates - whether it’s through Google Calendars or another app - is a must for any insurance agent.

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