How to Choose the Best Insurance Carrier

April 28, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
How to Choose the Best Insurance Carrier

As an insurance agent, you can work with a lot of different insurance companies. It can sometimes be difficult to identify the features you will need to have an excellent working relationship with your carrier, but it’s imperative to keep your business successful. Here are some ways to find the best fit for you.

Carrier History & Reputation

You want to work with a company that acts with integrity, is known for being approachable, provides a personal relationship, keeps clients and employees happy, and has views in line with your own. Do the research online or through your network and find out what people say about them. Beyond client reviews, you also want to look at how long they have been in business, who their leadership is, and their financial strength for backing claims, which is often linked with ratings by A.M. Best, Demotech or other companies providing FSRs or Financial Stability Ratings


How easy is it for you and your clients to navigate the services a company offers? There are definitely carriers out there with convoluted or outdated platforms that make simple tasks like paying bills, reporting claims, contacting customer service, or answering common questions almost as much of a chore as finding a suitable carrier. Make sure you’re working with a carrier you know you can always get in touch with and has online services you can clearly and quickly explain to your clients.


Along with the packages a carrier offers, it’s important to know what and how to get your clients the best deals. It builds trust in you and proves you understand your clients’ specific situations. It also lets you build an accurate business plan when you know what you have to offer. For example, when COVID-19 affected many of our independent agents, we were able to offer them financial assistance. Even the knowledge that a carrier is looking out for you is comforting.


It’s critical to understand the industry and insurance types that are a specific carrier’s focus. Look at their suite of available products, understand their risk threshold, and determine if it’s in line with the clients you service. If your primary client base is in small businesses or restaurants, then focusing on carriers offering great rates and pay-as-you-go options on workers’ compensation is likely the way to go.

Armed with the appropriate knowledge, you’re already a better agent for it. With a clear understanding of what a carrier can do for and with you, your clientele base stands to benefit. At Normandy Insurance, we stand by our track record, our excellent service, and finding the best policies and rates for our clients. If you’re an agent looking for a carrier to work with, reach out to us and put the above knowledge to the test. You can easily find information on our policies, applications, and other services on our website:

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