Maximize the Summer to Reach New Insurance Clients

June 29, 2021


Rebecca Batisto
Maximize the Summer to Reach New Insurance Clients

The summer is upon us! With more people getting the COVID-19 vaccine, we can finally embrace the summer activities we missed a year ago. Whether you are relaxing at the beach or chilling by a pool, people need an escape from the heat. While you are shielding yourself from the sun’s rays, you could be finding some new clients at the same time!

The summer doesn’t have to be slow. Let’s go over some fun ways to network, while keeping you and your potential clients cool.

Can’t Go Wrong With a Picnic

A classic picnic might be enough to woo your next clients. Simply put, these events should be as casual as possible: casual clothes, relaxed seating, and food that isn’t complicated. According to Upicnic, the keys to a good networking picnic are comfort, good food, a good environment, and good entertainment. Don’t stress about exchanging business cards. Focus on bonding through games of cornhole instead. Your relationship will be more genuine.

Host a Mini-Carnival

Carnivals are fun for all ages! Granted, your next client probably won’t be a ten-year-old girl, but her parents might have connections. Allowing the whole family to join in on the fun will encourage more people with families to attend. Also, with suitable rides, food, and atmosphere, carnivals will bring back nostalgia from the adults. The retro atmosphere presents a perfect opportunity for the attendees to reminisce and bond with you.

Chill Inside With Tabletop Games

With scorching months ahead, some people don’t want to stay out in the sweltering sun. Stay inside and put a game on the table! Nowadays, more and more people are playing tabletop games. In 2020, board games and puzzle sales soared. People in the financial world already use board game nights to unwind, have fun, and network. With more people involved, the variety of games go beyond poker and other card games. The sky’s the limit! Games allow you a peek into other people’s thought processes. Learning the ins and outs of their minds will get you one step closer to winning over a new client.

Have you joined Normandy at one of our virtual fun events? We have painting with cocktails, yoga, and board games. Email to get the invitations.

The Options Are Endless

None of these options sound right to you? That’s the beauty of summer: you can do just about anything! Bond over cute animals at a petting zoo. Invite your client to a concert. Win clients over with raffle prizes. Anything that allows you to connect with your potential clients on a personal level is a good choice!

Were you able to reach out to more clients this summer? For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our blog! At Normandy Insurance, we value both our agents and our clients. Check out our website for more information on coverage and job openings:

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